Around the world, small businesses and large corporations have had to revert to their home space to continue their work during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is crucial that you love your workspace – the place where your creative ideas will develop into successful outcomes for your business.

But, what does your workspace living feel like? The following guide will provide some handy tips to look out for – small and larger changes that you can make to your work environment.

Why Is A Good Workspace Important?

Before we dive into the tips, did you know that the focus on employee wellbeing is linked to some major benefits for business? Lower sickness absence, a more inclusive culture, and improved employee morale all grow employee engagement, thereby increasing productivity overall.

In recent years, there has been a strong motivation for employers to improve the workplace. One part of this shift is because employers are recognizing the great financial consequences which employees’ depression, anxiety, and stress place on motivation, focus, and productivity. The other shift that has taken place is the awareness that changes in the workplace can drastically improve employees’ mental health. With that being said, here are some steps your workspace can take to ensure your employees are productive – and happy!

Does Your Workspace Allow For Privacy?

As we spend a third of our lives at work, it is without a doubt that employees will want access to quiet spaces. Though offices can be set up to ensure a lack of noise, what people crave at work is true privacy – no one to listen in to their phone calls or conversations with a colleague.

Ensuring private spaces is usually undervalued in co-working spaces, as there’s an expectation of teamwork and continuous creative engagement. This is where spaces like the Moneybarn project are implementing these arrangements – transforming wellness one building at a time! Designing a positive workspace is all about responding with workable solutions, which brings us to our next handy tip.

Do Your Employees Socialise?

During the workday, there will be moments in which employees or shared-office workers will want to have some downtime. Grabbing a cup of coffee is always better when you have good company, so definitely consider the layout of your workspace and include some communal areas in which employees can use to get to know each other better on a personal level.

Though improving the socializing spaces in your office won’t directly influence productivity, it creates a great working environment and boosts the motivation of employees. Such social spaces will also go far in relieving work stress and helping employees feel more relaxed in the office.

Harness Natural Light Where Possible!

There is new research that has deemed natural light to be the best medicine for the office. The benefits of harnessing natural light include reducing eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness. These all add up to improve employee productivity immensely, helping employees feel alert, increasing vitamin D levels, and uplifting workers with natural aspects in their workday.

Unfortunately, adaptations will have to be made to prevent screen glare and maintain sufficient temperatures in office spaces. Consider adding skylights and removing bulky furniture that may be blocking larger windows.

2 Design A Positive Workplace That'll Encourage Productivity With This Handy Guide

Consider Lightning Design

The impact of lighting is always underestimated, and this extends to the warmth of lights in the office space. While it is important to save electricity with LED lights, ensuring that the design of lights is comfortable and ambient for employees is even more key!

Overall, the office can employ a variety of lights in the workplace. From desk lamps to standing lights and ceiling fixtures, create some depth and add interest to the design. This will positively influence the atmosphere of the rooms, increasing interest in coming into the office and ultimately, boosting productivity.

Be Open To Feedback

The last note to keep in mind is that it’s a good idea to chat to your employees or workers occupying your co-working space about what suggestions they have for improving the work environment. Each worker is unique and there may easily be a recommendation that you have not thought of yet.

For instance, workers might suggest a more inclusive eating space, or even a better designed outdoor rooftop or staff garden. Adding greenery may be something to consider if you have neglected some natural features in your office. How about some affordable, but healthy food ordering options for workers that might be eating a lot of processed, unhealthy foods?

Talking openly with employees will also help them feel comfortable with management, letting them know that you are approachable. Plus, this will improve future communication, as office workers will understand your intention to make the space the best it can be! Keep the conversation going and let them know you are open to hearing feedback.

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