Is it time for you to update the look of your home? Or maybe you’re thinking about buying a new home, rental property, or vacation property. Either way, you’re going to need some inspiration for designing the interior— and possibly even the exterior of you’re building a home from the ground up. Here are 10 popular interior design styles to choose from.

#1: Boho Chic

The Bohemian style (shortened to Boho) is associated with a carefree spirit, comfort, and a melting pot of various cultures. Boho loves vibrant colors and a variety of different patterns, but this style can be too “busy” for some. That’s why the Bohemian style has a sub-style, Boho Chic, which is a more coordinated version of the original Boho style.

#2: Cottage Core

The Cottage Core style of design has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s both an interior design style and a lifestyle. Coziness, nature, romance, and simplicity are four words that are most often used to describe this style. It’s also associated with actual cottages in the forest— which is a unique idea if you’re wanting to custom-build a home.

#3: Eclectic

The eclectic design style is just like it sounds: a broad and diverse mixture of different styles. This is probably the only design style that can be 100% personalized. Just make sure that your different pieces can be tied together with something because eclectic still has some small amount of structure to it. A good way to do this is to add some neutral colors to help “ground” all of your different styles.

#4: Hygge

This interior design originates from Scandinavian culture— Denmark to be exact. The idea behind this style is comfort, calmness, and anything that can reduce stress. Because of these principles, the focus is very similar to the minimalist style— meaning no clutter. Decor pieces should be neutral in color, focus on symmetry, and incorporate some of the natural world, such as wooden floors and house plants.

#5: Industrial

The Industrial style of design comes directly from industrial buildings, such as factories and warehouses that have been converted into homes. If you’re building from the ground up, make sure to leave ceiling beams exposed and maybe even a brick wall or two. Also, don’t shy away from leaving the concrete exposed on the floors.

#6: Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse is very similar to a rustic or country style, yet it’s a bit softer. It emphasizes coziness, so the kitchen is usually the focal point in this style. Large kitchens, exposed wooden beams, and barn doors are all characteristic of a Farmhouse. Modern Farmhouse uses all of this and adds in smooth lines and glossy finishes.

#7: Rustic

The Rustic interior design style isn’t reserved for cabins only. Like the Industrial and Modern Farmhouse designs (also sharing many similarities with the two), this can be applied in any type of home. However, the former two design styles emphasize the natural, but in a more finished form. The rustic design style is just that— nature in its pure, unfinished form.

Wood is your best friend when it comes to this style: wood floors, wooden furniture, and even a wood-burning stove and/or fireplace.

#8: Shabby-Chic

If the Cottage Core style is too literal for your custom contemporary cottage home, look towards the Shabby-Chic style. This style still includes floral design patterns and has a soft and feminine feel, but it also includes some vintage elements as well. Finish it off with some distressed furniture pieces, giving it a touch of rustic. Shabby-Chic definitely compliments a quaint little cottage on a lakeside.

#9: Traditional

The Traditional style pulls a little bit from all of the classic European styles. Choose elaborate furnishing and antique pieces to pull off this design. If you’re renovating, remodeling, or building a new home, make sure to have built-in cabinetry. This style also sees a lot of expensive pieces such as cashmere, silk, and velvet textiles.

#10: Victorian

The Victorian era lasted from about 1837 to 1901, and this style of interior design can still be seen in some older homes— specifically in the architecture. However, this can be an interesting design style to incorporate into your home. The style focuses on asymmetrical designs, decorative trim, elaborate and extravagant accessories, and furniture, textured wall surfaces, and vibrant colors.

You can also experiment with different styles in each room. For example, Modern Farmhouse works well in kitchens, Hygge in living rooms and bedrooms, and  Victorian and Traditional also look great in living rooms. When designing and/or building your home, you can incorporate as many styles as you want.

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