Whether you want to build or remodel it is entirely possible to design your dream home. There are many reasons why home owners choose to create their own designs for their home. Mostly the choice is made based on two main reasons. First, designing your own dream can save you a lot of money. Second, it makes your home your own.

Our houses are not just houses. They are homes. A home is a place where you live and raise your family. A house is just a building. It is a structure made from wood and beams. It has walls, ceilings and floors. It is made of wood and sheetrock or plaster. It can be painted, decorated, and designed according to who you are and how you live.

Decorating and Design

Decorating-and-Design Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Decorating and design include many things. Decorating refers to eye appeal. It’s when you make you home look attractive. Decorating includes things such as wall color, flooring, furniture, and style. Designing a dream home is a little different. It refers to functionality. Some people are just naturally creative. Others need aren’t sure where to start when it comes to either. This article is meant to give you some helpful tips, ideas and pointers on both decorating, and design.


Lighting1 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Lighting is a form of design. A room that is not properly lit can be redesigned by adding different light fixtures, or by choosing to install new or additional lighting. From ceiling fans, to single bulb fixtures the options are endless. When designing your dream home be sure to check to see what types of different lighting options are available and their prices.

You can do this online, or by taking a trip to your local home improvement store. Lighting is important. It helps us to not only see but also to highlight certain areas of the home. For example, a chandelier generally accents a dining room table. It is just as much about how it looks as it is about the light it provides.

Doing It Yourself

Doing-It-Yourself1 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Hiring a decorating or design expert can be expensive. If you do not feel like you could paint your own walls or choose your own fabrics though it is probably best that you hire an expert. If you are a homeowner that is handy and has an eye for style you can do all of the work yourself.

Knowing What You Like

Knowing-What-You-Like Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Decorating your home lets you make it a place that you absolutely love to be. It helps your home to look good, and feel good. The things that look good to us and the things that make us feel good are the things that we love. Have you ever been walking through a store when something catches your eye? You are attracted to it, and drawn to it. When choosing items for your home you will find that certain colors, themes, prints, textures, etc. appeal more to you than others do.

Useable Space and Negative Space

Useable-Space-and-Negative-Space1 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Each and every room of your home has two types of space. Useable space, and negative space. When decorating and designing the home of your dreams it’s important to remember two things. The first thing to remember is to make all negative space attractive. That’s where you add décor.

Useable-Space-and-Negative-Space-2 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

The second thing to remember is to make all of the useable space functional. That’s the space in which you live. It’s where you sit, where you eat, where you store you belongings and clothes. It where you put your bed, couches and chairs. When making designing be sure to include plenty of storage options. Things like shelving units can be added to negative space to make it useable.

The term negative space refers to spaces in your home that not being used or that are not useable. When you angle your couch in a corner the space behind the couch is negative space. You can make it useable space by adding décor, lighting, or by rearranging your furniture so that the couch is up again the wall. Useable space would be created and negative space would be completely eliminated.

Using the Space Under the Stairway

Using-the-Space-Under-the-Stairway Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Here is an excellent example of how you can turn negative space into useable space. Under every stair way there is an empty space. Many people choose to add shelving or closets underneath them. The helps to reduce clutter in your home by providing additional storage. Many people store books, clothes, special items, and personal belongings on shelves. When arranged in a nice way it is both functional and decorative. Holiday items, coats and shoes, unused household stuff, and out of season items can all be stored in a closet built in the space under the stairs.

Find Your Rooms Focal Point

Find-Your-Rooms-Focal-Point Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Every room in your home will have a focal point. This point is not necessarily the center of the room. It’s where the eye is drawn to. It’s where the action takes place in the room. When decorating and designing any given room of your home it is important to remember to start with the focal point. Consider that space in every decision that you make regarding both decorating and designing the room.

Find-Your-Rooms-Focal-Point1 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

Using a Color Wheel

Using-a-Color-Wheel1 Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

A color wheel allows you to see many colors all together. You will find that you like certain colors better than others. Use the colors that you like best on walls, in fabrics, in everything. Each room of your home can use a different color theme. You can use many different colors throughout your home. Are you drawn to roosters, cows, old barns, and wide open fields? Then your theme would be county.

Do you love tropical places with sandy beaches, sunshine, and palm trees? Then your theme would be tropical. Some people like all things modern, others love the safari and jungle. Theme possibilities are endless. Colors such as blue and purple help to create the safari theme. You can turn your home into an exotic oasis. Black and white are common colors of a modern theme.

Moderns themes also sometimes use bright, neon, contrasting colors. Floral themes use softer colors, along with several shades of green. Country themes tend to use a lot of red, orange and brown. The color wheel lets you see the various shades of each color. This allows you to choose the perfects colors for your walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and décor.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing-Yourself Design Your Own Dream Home By Using These Design Principles

You can design and decorate your dream home better than any professional designer because you are the only one who knows how you live in your home, and what you find appealing. Fill your home with things that make you feel good. Choose items and furniture that are useable and functional. Create you home based on your needs, and the needs of other people who live there. Each member of the family should incorporate their own likes into the plan.