You’re finally ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, but where to start? A good first step is to decide on the style of bathroom you want since this will determine which design trends are appropriate. Another key consideration is the floor plan and how this will affect plumbing requirements. With so many choices and decisions to make, focusing on a few essential planning elements will help to ensure that your new bathroom project goes smoothly and delivers the results you are looking for.

Select the Right Plumber and Get Them Involved Early

Whether you are designing a new bathroom from scratch or taking on a remodel, it’s critical to get a qualified and reliable plumber involved as early as possible. Your plumber will help you understand how the water lines, toilet and drains need to be laid out based upon your goals for the floor plan and fixtures. Do your research and hire an experienced, full-service plumber such as New Canadian Drain and Plumbing so that you have a committed partner that will assist you with all aspects of the project.

Use Your Style to Drive Your Design Trend Choices

The easiest way to select the best design options for your new bathroom is to let your style lead the way. From traditional to modern, the style you choose will influence everything from materials and colors to flooring and fixtures. If you are adopting a modern or industrial style, consider the popular bathroom trend of using exposed shower plumbing paired with white marble. Incorporating “statement” art is another current trend that is compatible with any style and provides a sophisticated focal point for your new bathroom. As you move forward with the planning process be sure to reference some of the many helpful websites for bathroom trendsand design.

Consider Your Space and Focus on Function

Large, medium or small, it’s vital that any new bathroom design leverages the available space efficiently to create a pleasant environment that functions well. In addition to looking fabulous, your bathroom should be designed for a smooth flow when accessing all amenities. Begin by arranging the typical vanity, shower, and toilet on the floor plan to anchor your design. Once this is done, you can consider other important items such as lighting, mirrors and storage.

Designing your perfect bathroom is both exciting and challenging. While there are many details that factor into a successful project, identifying the style and trends you want most along with any associated plumbing requirements will put you on the right path to creating a bathroom you’ll love.