More people are entertaining at home and enjoying added living space with their backyard. Because of the cost savings from less frequent nights out, investments are being put into landscaping and pool installations to make the space more tranquil and inviting. But that doesn’t mean these homeowners want additional maintenance to take care of.

Time at home with family and friends is precious, considering the typical day-to-day chaos. Adding extra duties to that hectic routine is not anyone’s goal. Most people search for automated options for household and outdoor upkeep to make life a little easier, like the very best suction pool cleaner. This way they can actually enjoy the pool with everyone else instead of feeling like it’s just another chore. These allow homeowners to keep their time in the backyard simplistic and relaxing as it should be. But how do you know which one will save the most time and effort?

The Differences Among Automatic Pool Cleaners

Relaxing with friends and family poolside with a delicious barbecue is the optimum in entertainment. Most homeowners love the thought of having a pool installed, but the notion of having to clean and maintain it turns many away. In today’s modern age, there is a technology for nearly anything, and a pool cleaning system is no different.

In working with the filtration system of either an above-ground or in-ground system, automatic pool cleaners help to keep algae and debris from collecting, allowing for extended life and less maintenance for you. There are primarily three options from which you can choose, each with its own advantages.

** Suction Cleaners

The suction cleaners are budget-friendly and are fast becoming the popular choice for households that have little time at home to do anything except enjoy the space. It fastens to the skimmer or to a line “dedicated” for suctioning from which it will work its way throughout the water “sucking” up any foreign material and returning it through the filtration.

These work for small to medium size particles with the capability for adjusting to pick up sand or silt. Some of them have the capacity to climb walls for added benefit. The cleaner runs at the same time the pump runs and keeps electricity at standard usage. It depends on the filtration system, so if the filter is near capacity, the unit will lose efficiency. Find out how to operate a swimming pool “crawler” at

** Pressure Cleaners

The pressure option uses water pressure from either a pool or a “dedicated” booster pump to maneuver its way around the water pushing the particles it collects into the filter bag to be removed. These run generally each day, resulting in a consistently clean system.

For those that aren’t using a booster pump, they operate for the entire duration of a standard filter cycle. That might not be necessary, but it will run that long. For those with the booster pump, there’s usually a separate timer system to automate it powering on and off-cycle each day for a set period. Because there is a filter bag, there is not any added pressure on the filter system itself.

This cleaner is ideal for medium to larger particles. Fine bits will fall through the filter bag, but the floor is scrubbed by a “sweep tail” action that will stir up dirt to be filtered out by the pool’s filtration unit. To compare a pool vacuum’s operation follow this link.

** Robotic Cleaners

These are the epitome of the term robotic with the power to pick up any size material without the need to hook to existing filtration units. There won’t be any strain to the pump or the filter to clean the pool because these are “self-contained” filtering devices with the capacity to reduce consumption and utility costs allowing for energy efficiency.

Top-of-the-line models come with options such as four-wheel drive remotes, “waterline” scrub capability, and cleaning cycle programming. The only requirement is to plug the device in and situate it in the water. These aren’t as budget-friendly as other options, but they do run quieter and do a superior cleaning job.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to spend their free time engaging in household chores, and one of the most unappealing of them all is cleaning the pool. This is a reason many people avoid the luxury of having one.

Now some systems make cleaning up automatic so homeowners can actually relax in the backyard at the same time the pool is being cleaned. It’s merely a matter of picking which one suits your needs better.