Dining tables are great highlights in any home and are essential furniture pieces in your dining area. This is where you and your loved ones gather for sumptuous meals, and you should choose the best. However, you’ll get dining tables in different shapes and sizes, and the wrong choice can ruin the look of your space. Rectangular, round, or square- which shape suits my dining area?

The most important aspects to consider when shopping for dining tables are the shape, size, and material. The size of the table determines the number of people you can accommodate per sitting, while the space determines the shape. The material is also vital; it defines the durability of your dining table. Some shapes are most suitable for certain room shapes and sizes. Therefore, choosing the right table shape creates a flow that makes your space look better and functional.

The common dining tale shapes are;

  1. Rectangular dining tables

This is perhaps the most common table design in the market. Most dining spaces are also rectangular, and such a table is a good fit for more than four people. The best thing about rectangular dining tables is that some come with extra leaves.

This makes it easy to extend the length and create an Extendable Dining Table. It will accommodate more people, and you can collapse it to save space when not in use. Most rectangular dining tables are between 36-42 inches. But, you can still get narrower designs to fit a narrow room.

  1. Round dining tables

If you have a cramped dining space, the square table isn’t your only solution. Round dining tables also make perfect choices and are the best shapes for small families or gatherings. They ease communication and interaction between seaters and are cozier. But, if you have a big family or host many guests, a round table won’t work. It makes the people seem far away, and this affects communication.

If you fancy round dining tables over rectangular shapes and might need to sit more people from time to time, a round table with an extension leaf will work. It allows you to extend it when you have guests.

  1. Square dining tables

Square dining tables are ideal for square rooms. They are perfect choices for homeowners with small families and fewer guests. However, if you want to care for additional space on your table, you can acquire one with extendable leaves. Still, you can pair two square tables to create a bigger rectangular seating arrangement when required. The good thing about square tables is that they can fit well in small spaces and are excellent solutions to anyone lacking adequate space to accommodate a rectangular dining set.

  1. Oval dining tables

Oval dining tables are similar to rectangular shapes. However, they occupy less space than their rectangular counterparts, thanks to their rounded edges. These tables feature a lesser surface area and are ideal for narrow or small rooms. When can I use an oval dining table? These furniture pieces work best when you have a small room or need to seat more people occasionally.

 Here are essential things to know about the shape factor:

  • Round dining tables don’t look good in rectangular rooms. If your space is elongated and the table is large, the room sides will appear narrower than the other ends. Therefore, always match the table size with the room dimensions.
  • Rectangular or oval tables with round edges look best in lengthened or rectangular rooms. Moreover, rectangular tables are flexible, and you can place them against the wall to save space. You can still pull them to accommodate more guests or go for extendable designs.
  • Round dining tables will create the illusion of space. They will make your room look and feel more prominent because they don’t feature angular edges. What’s more, they draw a lot of attention, making people less likely to focus on any surrounding clutter.
  • Round tables promote interaction since everyone sits within the same distance. Similarly, rectangular dining tables offer more space for dinnerware, making the dining experience more pleasurable.

The bottom line

There are multiple table designs, and you can always get one to match your available space. If unsure of what to acquire for your dining area, consult an interior designer to help you in the selection. Remember you can always consider an extendable table to cater additional space and accommodate more people.

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