Sometimes we get bored of our house and the style that has not changed for years and we want to spice it up a bit. Unfortunately, decor can be expensive and the ideas you have might exceed the budget you have in mind. You can, however, decorate your house yourself using a few materials that would cost little to no money at all. If you want inspiration for your next home decoration project, we have gathered some budget-friendly DIY ideas for you.

String Art

All you need is a string, a wooden board, and some nails. Hammer the nails in the board in any shape you like such as a star, a heart, your initials, or even your pet. Go crazy with the string and connect the nails with it. Hang the board in any room you want but keep in mind that the string’s color should match the color scheme of your room.

Bamboo Orb Lights

Create hollow orbs using bamboo strips. You can create a lantern using the bamboo orbs by putting a lightbulb inside the orb, then attach the lantern to the ceiling using a hook. You can make a smaller bamboo orb and make a lamp by using an old lamp body and attaching the orb on top of it.

Faux Concrete Wall

Painting a wall with texture will add contrast and style to any room. Choose a wall that feels boring to you, and buy grey paint, dry paintbrush, and lint-free cloth. Paint the wall grey and then use the cloth to create the texture of concrete. Make sure to have the other walls in different colors to show off the texture difference.

Shoe Rack with PVC Pipes

If you have some leftover PVC pipes and wallpaper, then you only need some glue and you are good to go. Cut the pipes into identical cylinders and glue the wallpaper around the pipes’ exterior. Paint the edges with any color that matches the wallpaper, and glue the cylinders together with PVC glue in any order you want. Leave them to dry and you will have a beautiful DIY shoe rack.

Polka Dot Wall Art

Polka dots look amazing wherever they are, you can have polka dot wall art without using the services of an artist. You should get a blank canvas, a white primer, black acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. First, paint the canvas with the white primer and let it dry, then you should do some DIY picture framing to create a frame with the right dimensions. Once the canvas is dry, frame it. Cover the frame so the paintbrush won’t spill any paint on it, and draw polka dots all over the canvas. Leave it to dry once again. Now you have wall art that you can hang in your living room and show it off to your guests.

Colorful Clocks

Clocks are boring, they just tell time and have dull frame colors. If you have a knack for crochet, then you can make the clock colorful. Measure the circumference and knit a circular band to thread on the clock frame. Fasten the inner edges by pulling a thread into the back edge. You can use a combination of colors in the band to make it as colorful as you want.

2-2 DIY Ideas That Will Help You Have Budget-friendly Decor For Your House

Beach Vase

If you want a vase that gives you the feeling of a beach, all you need is hot glue and jute rope. Apply the glue on the vase and wrap it with the rope tightly. Leave it to dry, and you will have a statement piece right in your house that will show off your love for adventure.

Paint Your Doors

Most people forget that they can decorate the house by simply painting their doors with different colors. Whether it was your front door or a door inside your house, they can give your house a stylish look. However, painting doors is different than painting walls, and you should know the difference before trying it.


These DIY ideas can change the look of a room or house by applying simple tricks that won’t cost you much. Explore new ideas and don’t be afraid to try. Even if it didn’t look as good as you thought, you can try again since most of the materials used can be reused for a new DIY project. Make sure you add color to your house to feel energized and to elevate your mood.


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