Most homeowners get the importance of a well-planned and well-maintained outdoor space – but they still find themselves a dollar short of the landscape of their dreams.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of DIY landscaping ideas for 2020 that will help you create a gorgeous outdoor space that your family and friends will love.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, put in some time and effort, and let your creativity flow, you can have an amazing-looking backyard in no time.

  1. Do A Mini Makeover 

Not everyone is in search of DIY landscaping ideas for a drastic backyard transformation. Some of you are probably looking for a quick and straightforward project that will spruce things up without dominating the outdoor space as a whole.

And if that’s the case, you’ll love this mini-makeover idea that can be completed by the end of the weekend:

Pick out an area for flowers that goes along the side of your home, set clear borders by using bricks or stone, and start planting. You can even match the flowers in your garden to the ones in the bloom boxes sitting on your windows for a more streamlined look.

  1. Build Yourself A Fire Pit 

Who doesn’t dream of having a fire pit in their backyard? It always looks stunning, makes for an attention-grabbing feature in your outdoor space, and it serves an essential purpose – bringing family and friends together.

A quick trip to your local home improvement store and a bit of creative thinking is all it takes to make a fire pit from scratch, even if you’re a first-time pit builder. However, before you start putting your fire pit together, take a moment to consider placement and safety.

Oh, and regarding placement, we recommend that you stick to simple greenery around the fire pit – the surrounding plants should serve as a backdrop, not a secondary focal point.

  1. Hardscape Features Set The Tone 

It’s easy to get caught up in DIY landscaping ideas that are all about plants and forget all about hardscape features. But the truth is, they’re an essential part of any carefully thought out landscape design:

Hardscape features set the tone for the rest of the landscape, they provide structure – especially in the winter months – and they frame your outdoor space, giving it a more polished and „finished“ look.

There are so many DIY hardscaping ideas you could try in 2020 – from simple arbors and fences to patio pavement and garden walls. Feel free to get creative with it, and you’ll quickly realize how big of a design statement hardscaping elements can be!

  1. Add A Water Feature 

Good landscape design needs to be anchored by focal points – so, why not add a water feature? They’re stunning, they attract birds, and they emit soothing sounds that can take your backyard’s vibe to a whole new level.

How’s this considered a DIY landscaping project, you ask?

Well, a water feature doesn’t have to be store-bought, expensive, or complicated – and you don’t need to have mad skills to build one, either. As long as you have some free time on your hands, the right tools – and maybe a friend to help out – you can make a DIY water feature for your garden.

Use large plant pots or ceramic vases, flexible vinyl tubes, and a submersible water pump – and add rocks and pea gravel inside the fountain to give it an even more distinct, tranquil, and visually appealing look.

  1. Build Low-Cost Outdoor Furniture

What good is a beautiful, well-designed backyard if you won’t use the space? You should have a place where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the landscape that you’ve created with your own two hands!

We’re not suggesting that you should run to the furniture store straight away, though. You can make great-looking outdoor furniture yourself using old wooden pallets – it’s one of the most affordable and creative tricks in the DIY landscaping book!

The best part is that you can match your pallet furniture to the general theme and vibe of your landscape by painting or staining the wood and adding patio cushions for a cozy, colorful touch.


These DIY landscaping ideas for 2020 are a perfect way to start your backyard’s transformation – whether you’re hoping to spruce up the existing outdoor space or starting from scratch.

And while we all enjoy a fun DIY project – and the sense of pride that comes with it – you should know when to throw in the towel and call for professional help. If you’re in the area, contact your local Landscaper in Vancouver, WA for a free consultation.