Many family houses are full of life and, well, noises. If we’d ask you how many times someone yelled “be quieter” when you opened a drawer in the kitchen, living room or even in your own sanctuary – we are pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to count the occasions. No matter if you still live with your parents and sibling or you’ve already started your own family – you should use drawer slides, which will increase the quality of life for all.
What are soft-close drawer slides?

The soft close is a sort of premium feature, which can be mounted in some drawer types. Different types of the drawer runners will help you get the option you need: whether it’s a full extension or a 3/4 extension type. You can find many types and sizes of the drawer runners at Furnica‘s page – thanks to the wide range of the slides types, you can choose the type you need.

Keep in mind, that only buying the correct sort of drawer runner can be a guarantee of an appropriate effect of its work.

How do the soft close drawer runners work?

The soft-close slide is a type of drawer runners, only with a built-in hydraulic mechanism. Thank to it, when you want to lock the drawer door, the whole proces is quiet and slow. Can you imagine that? It’s literally the end of the nightmare called “late night cooking” and the rummaging through kitchen drawers connected to it!

Drawer slides soft close – why should you purchase those?

The soft close drawers slides have more advantages than one. While they are obviously more expensive than the regular runners – they are also more comfortable to use, quieter and safer. Here are some reasons why you should get those:

  • Safe for children – can you imagine a toddler running around the kitchen or living room while you are cleaning, cooking or doing anything else, that requires opening the drawers? Well, as you can imagine, it can end badly – ranging from the fear and pain associated with pinching the little ones’ fingers, ending with much worse consequences of such a situation. The soft close drawer slides require less strength when closing the furniture. That, and the fact that the whole process of closing the drawer with soft close slides is slower – make it safer for the kid and gives you more time to react if the tiny fingers are in danger of being crushed by the cabinet’s door;
  • Quiet surroundings – the cabinets and wardrobes with soft close slides are quiet and thanks to that – you can cook or clean or do whatever you want (which requires closing and opening cabinets) when other family members sleep, study or work. Without disturbing them;
  • Safer for the furniture – when you are closing the cabinets with regular slides, you usually use a lot of force – making the movement with your hip, knee or elbow. It’s not only a lot of noise, but also the risk of faster damage to the cabinets. While the soft close runners itselves are more expensive – they will allow you to save on maintenance and replacement of furniture that was damaged quickly from slamming the doors.


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