If you haven’t been blessed with a beachfront home, chances are you’re dreaming of having the beach vacation house that’s created for ultimate rest and relaxation. And you’d be in good company since many of the great minds throughout history like poets, scientists, artists loved spending both their productive days and days off by the seaside.

What’s not to love about the sea and beach combination? Breathing in the fresh sea air, lounging and getting the needed dose of vitamin D while getting tanned is recipe for enjoyment as well as adding more days to one’s life. The opposite is true too, it’s a way to add more life to your days. If you can get all this from a holiday, imagine how beneficial a beachside lifestyle can be!

Even though housing is getting expensive by the minute in Australia, you won’t have to give up your year-round beach break plans. The modular concept is the solution you need for a more affordable, yet at the same time equally stylish and much more sustainable abode. Lucky for you, there are various Australian beach house plans to choose from, optimal for the surroundings of your ideal retreat.

If building a city-dwelling is complex enough, imagine how much of a challenge the summer home can be. Still, to avoid associating this sanctuary with stress, you can make matters easier by looking into the specific factors that define a floor plan in the first place. Start by:

1. Considering the Location Conditions

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There’s no surprise as to why the Australian coastline attracts people from all over the world: vast white sandy beaches, diverse landscapes and places to explore, outstanding surf culture and marine life. The many days of sunshine have their contribution too, but that’s not to say perfect blue skies are always the sight you can expect to see.

Beach accessibility and views are two of the most crucial aspects beachside home buyers think of, however, depending on where you choose to have your dream home, you should focus on finding the most suitable beach house designs for that weather, no matter how unpredictable it may be.

The sea air moisture and salt that are part of the beach life experience make it clear you require a design with materials that are strong, durable, and able to withstand corrosion. Steel frames are the best choice that’s becoming trendy as of late for these very reasons. On the plus side, they’re resistant to pest infestations, and can endure bushfires unlike traditional timber.

Fire-proof and storm-proof windows and doors are another must you can’t overlook. And, of course, it’s essential to make sure the Australian beach house plans you narrow down to be built for the hot temperatures at the exact area where you choose to spend your days of relaxation. Insulation is mandatory to prevent the house from heating up during the long sunny days, but proper ventilation shouldn’t come secondary either. This would guarantee your indoor air quality is at its best.

2. Considering the Lifestyle

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If you did a little research on modular housing, you’d come to understand no two modular homes are the same nowadays, which puts them on the same level as traditional stick-built abodes. With such an abundance in options, your only reference that could get you to your idyllic beach heaven is your lifestyle.

For the big family that plans on bringing relatives and friends over to the paradise, exceptional Australian coastal house designs, like the functional and large Victorian Merricks Beach House, are the perfect choice. In addition to the plenty of space to accommodate all the beachgoers you intend to have over, and the high ceiling roomy open floor living area, tiered decks are other handy elements that allow you to enjoy the lovely sea views. For added privacy, these decks can link the rooms together as in the exemplary floor plan.

For the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living, seek inspiration from Australian beach house plans in which interior and exterior living zones are seamlessly integrated. In case outdoor entertaining is just part of who you are, and you can’t imagine going a day without some nice partying with food and drinks, the kitchen and dining areas should be the focal points. For the alfresco design, some sort of coverage would be largely useful for the chilly and cloudy days.

For the beach homeowner who cares all about spectacular coastal views, features that emphasise the charms of the sea and beach scenery from every angle are essential. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, and several perfectly positioned decks and balconies that stretch across the waterfront are the perfect examples.

3. Considering the Desired Features

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The best thing about choosing to get inspired by the many modern house designs Australia modular construction companies and designers offer is having the chance to choose all your favourite features from each option. You also have the opportunity to change certain elements of a specific one to make it your own unique retreat.

And even if you eventually change your mind about a section, you can remove it or alter it as you see fit thanks to the ease of using modules. This means you have plenty of flexibility to come up with a plan that tends to your every need. Besides deciding on beach accessibility and sea views, you have a say in the number of rooms you want and require, as well as the garages, balconies, decks, materials of the façade, walls and ceiling.

Aside from these large features, you get to pick the ones that have to do with your utmost comfort too, whether it’s a hot tub, or sauna, swimming pool, or a home gym. If you’d like to pop up to your beach paradise even after summer is gone, a gorgeous fireplace and underfloor bathroom heating can be more than welcome additions.

Those who care about the environment as much as they do about getting the perfect beach getaway have the chance to get all the eco-friendly elements they would want for an off-grid lifestyle. Energy-efficient solar panels and auxiliary heating and cooling sources, rainwater collection and greywater recycling systems, plus WELS-rated water fixtures are all parts of the incredible sustainable modular homes.

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