When you put your home for sale, you want to sell it quickly and make the most from the property sale. There are several easy home improvements that attract potential buyers. While low-cost enhancements might not significantly increase the value of your property or allow you to be a cash buyer for houses after you sell your home, they can help reduce the amount of time it sits on the market. You can also have more cash in hand to buy your next property and reduce your mortgage or become one of those mortgage-free cash buyers for houses.

Sell family home quick with these ideas

Consider these improvements to get ready for a quick house sale and to finance your next property. These relatively low-cost ideas are great ways to create positive first impressions when a potential buyer visits your property.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Freshly painted rooms deliver a clean and inviting look for any space. They send a message to potential buyers that your house is updated and well maintained. Since they are easy to spot, dirty or damaged walls can be an immediate turn off.

If you are on a budget, consider painting rooms where buyers spend the most time. These include the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the master bedroom. Cleaning your walls so they look attractive is a must if you are unable to spend money of re-painting the interior.

Choosing the right colour is important when painting rooms before you sell. Pick neutral and popular tones to avoid having the paint choice the topic of conversation when a potential buyer explores your property.

Update flooring

Flooring is one of the main things that help create a first impression about your property. Tired, dirty or damaged flooring might tell a potential buyer that there are other housing issues beneath the surface. They also turn off many prospective buying looking at moving house.

Simple fixes can help restore your flooring, such as investing in professional cleaning for your carpets. Refinishing wooden flooring is also a great way to restore surfaces and fix any damage. You can sand and stain your wood floors to save money or hire a professional to guarantee a refinished finish.

Cleaning or refinishing your flooring might not address significant problems. If there are major stains or damage, consider replacing your flooring. If your budget is limited, focus on revamping the flooring in key areas like your kitchen and master bedroom.

Modernise your kitchen

The heart and soul of many homes, the kitchen is often a priority for many potential buyers. If you plan to update any room in your house, you should prioritise the kitchen. Similarly, you should not neglect this key space if you decide to spruce up other rooms in your property.

Although a total renovation of your kitchen can be costly and may not significantly impact the property sale price, there are several easy alternatives that deliver exceptional value when moving house. Simple updates include painting and cleaning your kitchen as well as removing any personal homewares and other items like photos and art.

If you can invest some money, consider buying new kitchen appliances especially if the existing ones are a few decades old or are not in good working order. Updating tiles and flooring or replacing old cabinets are also inexpensive ways to update your kitchen without a full-blown renovation.

Spruce up the exterior

Curb appeal is crucial when selling a house, a point stressed by many estate agents. Attractive landscaping increases the changes of a good first impression. The last thing you want is to invest all your time in making your interior look fabulous only to have a unkept yard let you down and prevent a sale.

Easy and affordable projects to enhance curb appeal include cutting and watering the grass as well as removing weeds and applying fertiliser to ensure your lawn and garden looks as neat as possible. Adding flowers can also add colour and beauty to your outdoor space without much effort. Keeping your outdoor space tidy is also key, so remove any debris and personal items.

Update housing fixtures and fittings

You want your space to look welcoming. There are several easy ways to help create inviting spaces that are easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house, and speaking to estate agents will ensure your property is staged appropriately.

Ensuring every space has adequate light is a must. Some spaces might not benefit from natural light and potential buyers might visit your property during the evening. Replace dim or aged light bulbs with new energy efficient ones with a voltage that properly lights your room. If a room is dark even with new lighting, considering adding a lamp to add additional illumination.

Whether they are cash buyers for houses or have a mortgage, prospective homebuyers like to imagine how they would use them. Decluttering each room and removing personal items allows spaces to speak for themselves and makes visualising easier. Any damaged or unattractive furniture, homewares and fixtures should be removed or replaced.

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