It’s probably time for your vacation home to get a fresh new look. Whether it be to attract new renters, raise the value of your holiday villa or maybe just invigorate the façade.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from if you decide to rejuvenate the way your holiday house looks and feels.

The first step to any makeover is to take a step back and take a long look at the property in question.

What are its most defining features? What parts of the house need the most attention? And most importantly, where do you begin renovating? If you want to attract the best renters or buyers you’ll need to focus on highlighting the strongest features of your property.

Look around and bring a friend long so that you have a fresh set of eyes to check the property out. You’ll never know what they might add to the makeover.

Determine a budget, how much are you willing to spend for the makeover. It doesn’t have to be a lot if it is just basic home improvement, so if you’re on a limited budget start your focus on improving the small things.

The Front Door

Italian-Villa-Front-small Effective Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost The Overall Look Of Your Luxury Villa

The first thing potential renters, buyers and even yourself will encounter is the front door. It serves as the primary passageway into your humble holiday abode and due to this it must take precedent in your design plans, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

A fresh coat of paint and a new door handle can signify a lot of things, it shows people who enter the type of home that they are about to go into, and it costs less to fix up. Think of it as the interior’s first impression.

The Paint

luxuryvilla Effective Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost The Overall Look Of Your Luxury Villa

This forms the biggest part of the house’s exterior and it should be maintained. The paint serves as a primary feature in any type of home, villa or house, and it is one of the most costly to fix up, especially if a lot of work has to be done.

However, paint does not have to be a big deal if it still functions to do its purpose. Have a look and see if you need anything done. If you want you can even clad the walls while you’re at it, cladding can turn out to be cheaper than repainting the entire exterior.

The Windows

a004691a-311b-4fb2-b430-26b95594f6e0.c10 Effective Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost The Overall Look Of Your Luxury Villa

If it is an old home, chances are that some of the windows will need some work, and we’re not only talking about broken glass. Have the windows cleaned and their frames maintained, if you have the money for it, maybe you can even swap them out for something better. They serve to accentuate the house’s aesthetics.

The Patio, Lawn, Garden, Lanai and Everything Else That’s Green

Luxury-villa-sea-front-on-the-cote-d-azur Effective Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost The Overall Look Of Your Luxury Villa

The outside of a luxury villa or home serves as an extension to the living area inside of the house. By that notion it has to be maintained as such, you can start by planning out how the outside can be “rearranged” in order to be much more inhabitable.

Adding some sitting furniture, water fixtures such as miniature fountains, and some large abstract decorative pieces can greatly enhance the outside look of your villa. Make sure everything that’s green is maintained, remove broken pots, make sure there’s no debris, and that everything is lusciously maintained.

Looking into landscaping will greatly help you in this part of the process as a little here definitely goes a long way. Make sure you use natural materials in order to bring a little zen and freshness into the exterior of the home.

By just following a few of these tips you’ll have the recipe for a perfectly refreshed holiday villa in no time. Get creative!

Elena is an interior design guru and a real estate expert. She runs her own lifestyle blog If she’s not out in art galleries she spends her days consulting with design experts. An art extraordinaire by heart.