When you live in a predominantly winterish area where extra warmth is always welcomed, having a double-sided fireplace is always a very smart idea.

The concept of a cute traditional or dual fireplace makes sense to every creative homeowner looking for a relaxing haven so that he can have a cup of tea and read his favorite book in the afternoon in the middle of his or her peninsula fireplace.

More often than rare, the fireplace becomes the room’s focal point and the rest of the décor is arranged in accordance with and around it.

Apart from warming a cold room, another important function each fireplace has is to make rooms more beautiful and relaxing, as you can see through fireplace and find your pace.

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace21 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

If you looked for fireplace ideas and in the end you opted for a 2 sided fireplace, it can even be an effective divider for your interior, and allow you to enjoy its warmth in more than one room.

Double or 3 sided fireplace designs are not that expensive or difficult to assembly – you can use them to part formal living rooms from cozy diners or turn them into luxurious additions that will warm up your bedroom.

Double sided fireplaces

People have used fireplaces for thousands of years. In the past, the same as today, a center room fireplace is part of homey symbols where the family gathers, prepares meals or warms up during cold winter nights.

As time went by, fireplaces became also an interior design trademark and a luxurious home show stopper.

A relatively new and efficient trend that is gaining momentum is the double fireplace, or in fact fireplaces that open up to two different rooms instead of a single one.

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The best thing about a two-sided fireplace is that they are less tricky and less costly to install, and don’t require extra fuel or a second chimney.

With a double-sided fireplace insert, you’ve secured yourself a stunning focal element that can break up a large room, and secure an undisturbed flow of natural light despite the partition.

  • The main function of a two-way fireplace is to heat two rooms at the same time. This way, the homeowner gets to cut heating costs up to 50%.
  • A dual-sided fireplace is way faster than their traditional counterparts when it comes to warming up large rooms. In most cases, they are built into the wall adjacent to both rooms, so that all inhabitants can enjoy their looks and their warmth.
  • Finally, double-sided fireplaces come in all sizes, shapes, and types – such as the double-sided electric fireplace – allowing you to use both gas fueling and wood to save on your monthly expenses.

Installing your double sided fireplace – Tips & Tricks

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Double sided fireplaces are creative at their core, as it doesn’t take that many modernization tricks to make them attractive and impactful. Think about only at the double sided fireplace indoor outdoor.

Flames and small sparkles are visible on both sides so that the two rooms will look reminiscent of each other. Plus, the double-sided fireplace doesn’t require significant preconditions except for a wide wall in an open plan room.

There are no restrictions to as where you can install it – a large and luxurious fireplace will look just as good in your master bedroom as it would in your large bathroom or like a usual fireplace in the kitchen.

Basically, a double sided fireplace will make your two favorite rooms even warmer and more charming.

Two sided fireplace ideas

An in-and-out fireplace

Installing a stone fireplace in the center of the retractable glass doors that help blend the interior and exterior is always a good idea.

This way, you will complement the seamless connection between the internal sitting area and the bar on your patio, and make the space look and feel more settled.

Traditional fireplaces for family rooms

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace2 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Davis Builders

How about a molded frame fireplace in a rustic living room? It certainly looks as if you pulled it out of a fairytale, in particular when surrounded with bricks or brick-like textures. A see-thru fireplace is a stylish and elegant addition to your room.

For an even more pleasant ambiance, we recommend oriental area rugs and wooden coffee tables which are adding a soft note to your corner fireplace insert.

Fresh and eclectic fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace4 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: CRFORMA

In order to make your open room more subtle and charming, you can consider an eclectic and fresh dual fireplace design, and make your home youthful and more modern. Ideally, pick and combine neutral colors for your room divider fireplace.

Focal fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace8 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Jon Eady Photographer

Double sided fireplaces are focal by default, as you’d have to work hard to distract attention from them once you’ve installed them, eventually by using the directions from indoor fireplace kits.

Make use of its potential, and make dramatic color and material choices – a concrete fireplace will be the first thing all visitors notice upon entering the room, and the element that highlights and defines the sophisticated and sleek aesthetics of your home.

4-sided custom-made glass fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace20-1 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: cucraft Fireplaces

Another cool thing you can do on a fraction of the price is a four-sided gas fireplace. The ideal material for this type of fireplace is tinted glass, which can enclose the fireplace all the way to the ceiling if the homeowner prefers so. A corner gas fireplace especially is a very interesting addition to your ambiance.

Sleek and contemporary fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace9 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: HMH Architecture + Interiors

Chic and ultra smooth fireplaces are a breathtaking idea for every contemporary home, especially when the homeowner loves fashion-driven and futuristic details combined with timeless color choices.

Gas fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace7 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Rick O’Donnell Architect

Gas fireplaces, particularly the double sided gas fireplace, are considered as the most practical and fuss-free heating choices, which makes it easy to warm up large rooms with the flick of a switch.

Fireplace owners coming from cooler climates should know that gas fixtures are way more efficient than wood, and they look more modern at the same time. A see-through gas fireplace is a very interesting decorative element into a room, which gives a special depth to the entire ambiance.

Traditional fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace5 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Murphy & Co. Design

We referred to traditional fireplaces in few occasions, but how do these evergreen pieces actually look like? Most of the time, what we had in mind were stone and brick two-sided mantel fireplaces that add a rustic vibe wherever applied.

Master suite fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace12 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: BOXWOOD ARCHITECTS

A two-sided fireplace is the only thing you need to make your bedroom look like a luxurious retreat, particularly when you place it between the dormitory and the bathroom.

This is an ideal solution for bedrooms with statement wooden furniture, but also for minimalist interiors where a sleek gas or a corner fireplace gas could really make a difference.

Glass fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace6 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Crestview Homes,LLC

Glass takes your fireplace design from contemporary to super contemporary, both because it looks stunningly beautiful and because it blends easily with all types of home themes.

The longer your glossy fireplace is, the stronger statement it will make, but make sure you use solid, tinted glass in a color that complements the room. You can take a seat and relax while looking at your two-sided gas fireplace.

Room dividers

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace11 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Crisp Architects

As we said, the most practical aspect of doubled or 3 sided gas fireplace is that they can be the only partition solution used to define areas with different uses.

It comes quite handy in lengthy living rooms that look cold and distant, as it distracts the viewers from large surfaces painted in neutral colors.

Mountain modern

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace13 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Bethe Cohen Design

By mountain modern, we actually refer to classic fireplaces made of stone and steel, with the difference that this time the products are eclectic elements combining the two materials. For even more functionality, use concrete on the bottom part.

Bold surroundings for your fireplace

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace19 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: YAWN design studio, inc. FL IB 26000604

If by any chance you had to narrow the choice down to a standard gas fireplace, you still have an available option to make its surroundings catchier.

For the purpose, you can consider large rectangular frames made of ties, or oversized wooden mantels for a more modern interior of the 2 sided gas fireplace. Both solutions will do miracles in a neutral bedroom.

Contemporary settings

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace18 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Neal Huston & Associates

Remember that the term ‘contemporary’ is not necessarily tied to a particular style or color – whatever you believe divides your space in a stylish and interesting way, go for it! And it goes perfectly well in the case of a two-sided fireplace insert.

Wood-burning instead of gas-fueled fireplaces

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace10 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source:
Beaugureau Studios

Gas may be less fussy and easier to control, but it certainly can’t beat the warm and homey ambiance burning wood provides.

More than furniture, a limestone corner wood-burning fireplace will be the symbol of your personality, and a great separator between the living room and the dining area.

A guest room fireplace

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace16 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Danielian Associates Architecture + Planning

Ever thought about simple and cost-effective tricks for a nicer guest room?

Well, not all of us can afford a separate fireplace to please visitors, but what we can do is to allow them to share the same versatile and interesting fireplace we’re planning to install in the living room. A see-through fireplace insert will easily catch the attention of your guests shortly upon entering the room.


Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace14 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Rick O’Donnell Architect

For a more appealing and interesting interior, play with several textures at once, including the compulsory bricks around your stone fire place or of the indoor wood burning fireplace.

Double-sided fireplaces: Advantages and disadvantages

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace17 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: Christopher Simmonds Architect

The double-sided fireplace trend is rapidly conquering people’s hearts all around the world, and there are few reasons for that:

First and foremost, double-sided fireplace looks amazingly attractive, giving you the chance to profit from their beauty in two adjacent rooms that apparently have nothing else in common.

Technically speaking, the fireplace doesn’t have to be completely enclosed and block the view from one area to the other – constructed in a creative way and with all important stylistic concepts considered, the fireplace can look and perform in literally every way.

Plus, a 2-way fireplace distributes warmth in two rooms at the same time, which is why homeowners consider them for the practical reason of reducing heating expenses. Ever since they appeared, double-sided fireplaces are perceived as the most practical innovation the world of fuel-burning appliances has ever seen.

Not everything about double-sided fireplaces is so perfect, though.

Despite the heat, they will distribute, you can’t rely on them being the only and dominant source of warmth, especially in a larger area.

Another concern to consider is the harmful gases some fireplaces emit, even if most modern types include doors to prevent this problem.

Plus, don’t expect maintenance to be that easier – unless you’ve installed a gas fireplace with doors, you will still have to devote it as much attention as you do to other fireplaces.

If not closed, the double-sided fireplace will smoke inside two rooms instead of one, or even the entire floor if you have an open-concept home.

This is another problem you can solve by enclosing your fireplace, as in such way you’ll be restricting even the poisonous odor coming from the chimney’s accumulated soot.

Speaking of the chimney, you should as well think of the water that will trickle down or even leak directly inside our chimney, because this may require extra fireplace maintenance and therefore the fireplaces price will be significantly higher.

If neglected, the chimney issue can reflect itself on your walls, where you will see some of its mineral deposits and residue as nasty stains that are extremely difficult to clean.

Nevertheless, when you live in a warmer area and you want fireplace units just because of its striking appearance, there is absolutely no reason not to install one.

Ending thoughts on having a double sided fireplace

Efficiency-And-Attractiveness-With-Double-Sided-Fireplace15 Double Sided Fireplace Designs For Your Living RoomImage source: DesignARC

We can all agree that fireplaces are charming additions for every home, so why not doubling their effect?

With a double-sided fireplace, you will instantly boost your home’s positive atmosphere and market value, and own something home buyers will appreciate when looking to evaluate your place.

Believe it or not, the estimated price of double-fireplace homes is approximately 12% higher than the one where such is not available.

Besides, there are many reasons to use a two-sided electric fireplace beside the financial ones: instantly, you’ll get to warm up two rooms in a visual and stylish way, and add a focal point everyone in the family will adore.

The homey and welcoming ambiance these fireplaces create is the reason why they’re installed all around the world, particularly in countries where heating is a priority for long periods of time.

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