They say that it’s the one room in your home which can add the most value, so it stands to reason that the kitchen is something that you shouldn’t bat an eyelid about investing in.

However, today’s article isn’t about making your kitchen more desirable from a selling perspective, but more related to how you can maximize the amount of space in it. Regardless of if you struggle for space, this is a room that can attract clutter, and make it difficult to cook at the best of times.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space and make it more efficient to work in.

Declutter the surfaces

This has already been alluded to somewhat, but one of the big problems about kitchens is that they attract clutter. By the time you do come to the point where you need to cook, finding a place on the work surface becomes nigh-on impossible.

min Efficient cooking: How to make the most of your kitchen space

As such, set whatever rules you can to ensure that no items are left on the work surfaces. Sure, you’ll need essentials, but if it doesn’t fall into this category it needs storing somewhere else.

Turn to a dishwasher

Something that can also make your kitchen more efficient is a dishwasher. If you currently have one, and don’t use it for whatever reason, change your way of thinking. Get a company like Service Force to repair it and watch your efficiency in the kitchen soar.

The days of piles and piles of pots accumulating next to the sink will be long gone. Instead, everything can be hidden out of sight and washed at the same time – this will be the most valuable appliance in the room.

Let’s talk about storage

It’s already been mentioned a couple of times, but we really can’t reiterate the importance of effective storage. Don’t have enough cupboards? Consider installing some at head-height. If space really is at a premium, you might have to look towards more innovative solutions such as segregated drawers (so everything doesn’t pile up in them) or even shelfs that hang on the inside of cupboards.

storage Efficient cooking: How to make the most of your kitchen space

Once you have these in place, it’s time to devise systems that mean it’s easy to quickly grab something when you’re on-the-go cooking. Create a labelling system, or order your ingredients and equipment, to facilitate this.

Be strategic with your social space

One of the reasons people spend so much money on the kitchen is because it is an incredibly social room. This isn’t just reserved for cooking, it’s for families to gather, and for guests to be entertained.

However, when you do put your seating space together, make sure that this doesn’t compete with the practical side of the room. In other words, the last thing you want is to be dodging people and tables as you attempt to cook – this social space needs to be out of the way, and not right in the middle of the room.