At times plumbing problems can range from minor to major which can be very costly. However, at times it’s hard to know there is a problem. The following are signs that wp plumbing would recommend they be looked into if they occur.

How you know if it’s blocked or not

Water pressure takes a dip

The joy of having a refreshing shower is an adequate amount of water pressure. Low water pressure takes out the joy and is also an indication something is wrong with the pipes. If the water pressure suddenly goes down, it is a problem that needs to be looked into by a professional plumber.

Draining becomes slow

Once in a while a sink or drainage becomes clogged because of oils, hair or scum. However when the different drainages become slow in allowing the water to drain quickly, that’s a call for concern. It may mean the main drainage line is blocked which can create bigger problems in the future. How you know it’s blocked or not is by calling a plumber immediately.

Colored Spots

According to the kind of ceiling you have, some may become discolored with brown marks which usually have a mark like a liquid spreading. This shows a leak above the ceiling. Don’t be quick to repair the ceiling without looking for any pipe leaking above or near that part of the ceiling. Call a plumber to check the area that needs to be fixed before finally replacing the ceiling.

Unfamiliar sound.

Normally only the sound of water rushing through the pipes should be heard, otherwise no noise should be heard. However, if after shutting off a tap, there is a rattling sound, then that’s a call for concern. According to wp plumbing that sound is called a water hammer. It mainly occurs when the flow of water stops suddenly or changes direction, which sends shockwaves that lead to the rattling noises. The noises are also heard from old pipes. The causes can be changing water pressure to a high level or in old houses, there is air in the pipes. The noises can be as a result of loosely connected pipes.

Awful smells

It’s not unusual to have certain smells coming from the bathroom and kitchen caused by bacteria. That said, an awful bad smell that consistently emanates from the draining systems in the house can mean there is blockage or a break in the sewer line.

Sudden upward surge in the water bill

If you notice your water bill has gone up and there are no increased uses of water in your home, then that’s a sign of a major leak in your piping system. Call a plumber immediately to assess before the problem gets bigger and more costly.

Peeling bathroom walls.

If you notice the paint or wall paper in your bathroom peeling, cracking or puffing up that is a clear sign of a leakage. Wp plumbing recommends a plumber to check the pipes before restoring the wall paper or paint.

A toilet gurgle

The only noise coming from the toilet should be immediately after flushing. Any other gurgling noise should be looked into. Most common cause of the gurgling are a blockage in the vent or in the sewer pipes.

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