Despite the fact that Apple’s HomeKit launched back in 2014, a lot of consumers haven’t purchased it because they just aren’t sure how it works. In order for you to understand more about HomeKit and how it can be useful, we’ve put together a guide for you. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s HomeKit.

What It Is

HomeKit basically allows any of your iOS devices to work seamlessly with over 100 different smart products in your home. These products include things like thermostats, switches, and motorized blinds.

The Cost

In order for the HomeKit to work, consumers will need to buy a HomePod. The cheapest one costs around $100 for the mini speaker. Larger HomePods can cost over $500.

Setting It Up

Setting up the HomeKit is actually pretty easy. All users need to do is use a smartphone to scan a QR code. Their device will then take them through all of the necessary installation procedures.

The Differences Between Other Platforms

There are some similarities between HomeKit and other platforms, like SmartThings and Alexa. These include their voice control features and their ability to automate certain products in your home. However, some users do find that they feel limited by the fact that they need an iOS device to use HomeKit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure?

Because the data from HomeKit is fully encrypted and has encryption keys that aren’t reusable, it is very secure. To add extra layers of security, HomeKit uses two-way authentication, and users also have the ability to restrict access by certain users as well. This ensures that no one has access to their devices unless they want them to.

Does it only work with iOS devices?

Unfortunately, HomeKit only works with iOS devices, like an iPad or iPhone. This does make it more user-friendly for those that currently own iOS devices. If you do want to use it with another platform, such as Google Home, you will have to use the official home control app of the vendor in order to get it to interact efficiently.

If I have an Android phone, is there an app that I can download in order to use it?

Android users can’t use HomeKit from their phones because there isn’t an app that is compatible. HomeKit only works with the Home control app, and it can only be downloaded on iOS devices.

Is it reliable?

Most users find that HomeKit is reliable. In fact, it allows them to not have to worry about having to do a lot of tedious automation that they dread dealing with every single day. Just like with any other platform, it won’t always work properly. It might lose connection to some of the user’s devices and not execute prescheduled automation on time.

How are devices controlled?

Users can easily control devices through a single tap or schedule certain automation. They can also use voice commands through Siri on their Apple devices or their HomePod speaker. There is also a remote-type device that allows users to control some of their devices. However, they will need to purchase this device separately.

Do I need to purchase some kind of subscription to use HomeKit?

You won’t have to purchase any sort of subscription in order to use HomeKit. However, you will need to have the most up-to-date version of iOS on your device.

For those that are looking for something that they can use to control certain products in their home with ease, HomeKit may be just what they are looking for. Even though there are some drawbacks to it, many Apple users find that it’s easy to use, fairly efficient, and makes their daily life a whole lot easier.

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