When on a budget or about to hit the road, either by yourself, or in the company of friends or family, an RV can be one of the best option to opt for when making such journeys or having an adventure. But before hitting the road, it is important to have different essential item in your RV since you never know when an accident or emergency might arise. Whether you decide to live in an RV or use it for a road trip, there are essential tools and equipment that you must have to ensure you are safe. Below is a list of few tools and equipment you can carry around in case you own an RV or you are out there on the road.

Essential Tools to Carry in your RV

While on the road, you might encounter problems such as having a flat tire, the engine breaking down and so on. In such cases, reaching a mechanic can be hectic hence you will be in a dilemma and no other way to deal with such problems than having various tools and gadgets in you RV to help you solve such problems.  When it comes to mechanical problems, its important to have a tool box in your RV since with such, you can access different parts in the RV in case of an engine failure. If you are in some place with poor signal, it’s important to make sure your RV has a GPS system and a functional Wi-Fi signal booster to help you trace your way back in case you get lost while on the road. In case of bad weather, a weather radio is also important since you might want to reach any weather department. This in return will help you know whether its safe or not to go on an adventure.

When you are out there, you never know when your gadgets will go off. Hence it’s also good to have with you a battery charger in case you phone or laptop goes off.  Solar batteries and extension are also vital tools in an RV since they can help you charge you batteries in case they run out. You never know what karma has in store for you, and no better way than to be prepared. In case you are in an arid area or live in an RV, it’s also mandatory to have with you a windshield washer fluid.

There is always too much dust on some roads and with something like that in your RV, the risk of being involved in an accident is way less. A tire pressure gauge is also something you need in case you tire runs low on pressure. Many people might be on board or probably carrying too much weight and with something like a tire pressure gauge in your RV, you can tell when you are good and when there is trouble. Sometimes while on the road, there are instances when your RV roof can be tampered with by either tall branches or any other mischievous thing that might come your way.

With a pair of gloves and a roof repair tape in your RV, you can be rest assured that you are catered for in case such calamities come your way. Also, something like fire is unpredictable and with a fire in your RV, a fire extinguisher is something you should never leave behind if you love your kin and property. Jumper cables are also essential since you might be on the road and the RV battery shuts down. With the cables, you can easily jump start your RV and continue with your adventure, or rather be sure that you are catered for in your living space around your RV.

Mechanical problems can easily be sorted. Other important tools to have in your RV are a shovel, extended gutter spouts and road flares. In case you get stuck in a muddy road or a rocky highway, the above tools will always come to your rescue. A pair of scissors is also key tool in your RV. In case you are hitting the road at night, a flashlight too should not be left behind since it’s a pair of eyes that can help in case you want to repair your RV or if there is something blocking your way.

First Aid Kits

In case of an accident, there are first aid supplies that should never miss in your RV. Am talking about, bandages, prescribed drugs and antibiotics, tweezers, chapstick just to name a few. With such supplies in your RV, you can save somebody before the EMT arrives. All lives matter.

Cleaning Equipment

If you are living in your RV or rather rented it for your endeavors, the kitchen and bathroom too should be looked after. With some accessories like soap, (both hand and bathing), detergent, a broom, dustbin and napkins, you are assured a soft life in your RV and also anyone visiting in case you live in one will be in a cool and nice environment. In the kitchen you can have with you a couple of silverware to match with different cutleries that you might have in your RV.

Pet Lovers

If you live in an RV, sometimes it can get lonely with no company. You can opt for a dog or cat or any other pet depending on your taste and preference. With an animal on board, it’s also good to have a few equipment such as a waste bags and a license in case they wander off.

Growth of the RV Industry

America has seen a very large growth in the transport and tourism sector when it comes to RVs. Annually, the government collects up to $100 billion from the impact brought about by the adventurous and luxurious RVs. It’s also estimated that not only do RVs have a positive impact the economy, they also have given almost 2 million Americas shelter, those living in them full time. Dating back in the 50s, the RV shipment has greatly improved in America.

In 2017 for instance, more than half a million RVs were shipped into the country. You can imagine the impact on both the economy and the lives of the people of America. From a case study by Ipsos, the major consumers when it comes to RVing are the youth, an age bracket of 18-37. This shows that many youths are opting to start a life in an RV, reducing the number of homeless people on the streets.


In summary, you can be assured that you are sorted in case you hit the road with all the essential equipment mentioned above. Give yourself and your family an adventure they will never forget since in case of any emergency you are sure you are safe. If you are planning to visit the Grand Canyon or the snowy and cold Alaska, your RV will be with you all the way up the border if you staff it well.  From this side, we only want to wish you a safe journey or life while in your RV or while on the road.

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