You bought your first electric vehicle, now what? Here are a few things to consider before scheduling an EV charging station installation.

Figuring out the Components of Your System

Do you need to charge one or multiple cars at a residential or commercial location? This will determine the types of systems available to you. You will also need to understand your existing electrical system to know your capacity options.

Installation Options

Your electric vehicle will need to be connected to an electric grid; this can be done through a standard wall outlet, or with a custom installation. This decision will greatly impact the time it takes to charge your car and depends on the type of charger you use. There are three main options: level 1, level 2, and DC fast chargers.

Level 1 charging can be done using your regular household outlet. The range for this charger is around 12 km per hour of charge time.  Level 2 supplies 240V, which requires special hardware. This allows for a more efficient charge of up to 112 km of range per hour. The amount of time to fully charge your car will depend on the capacity of your vehicle. You can select a floor or wall mount.

DC fast charging units use a direct current and are the fastest option. These give you 65 km of range for every 10 minutes of charge time, making them the ideal option for traveling far distances or to areas that do not offer charging stations. Not all electric vehicles have the capacity to connect to DC charging units.

There are even some companies that offer solar-powered options for your charging stations, making them the most environmentally-friendly options for charging your electric vehicle.

Additional Considerations

Your EV charging station installation will need to meet all your local regulations for safety. You should also fully understand the ongoing maintenance needed to ensure your charging station is highly functional. Work with a trusted electrician who can help you decide on the most cost-effective EV charger installation to meet your needs. Check out Vantage West who are one of the leading experts in EV charger installation in Perth.

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