When it comes to designing our homes, it takes a keen eye to be able to bring together your own style and personality to create something that is elegant and expressive. You want to walk into your house and feel like you’re at home, and you want others to walk in and be appreciative of the effort that you put in.

Once you’re done putting in the final touches, there’s always one more thing that brings everything together without fail, and that’s a touch of greenery. This is why we’re going to give you a few expert tips to help in designing your home with plants.

Utilize the Walls

To add a unique touch, especially if you find that you don’t have much space, look to the walls. There are a number of ways in which you can integrate plants into the walls. You can create a hanging garden all the way down the wall, or can literally have a vertical lawn, covering the whole wall. This not only adds an artistic feel to the room but also adds an added dimension of natural greenery. Alternatively, you can have small succulents placed in open frames so that they look like hanging pictures.

The Center of Attention

If you’d like your plant to be the center of attention, then there are a couple of options you can go for. Look into getting large planters, as they demand attention immediately without being too overbearing. These are great for bare outdoor areas on your lawn or your deck. Another option is during the design period, you can integrate a portion of the room to house a large plant or tree. Make sure that you allow space for sunlight to come in, and you can even have it encased in glass to really make it shine.

Hang Them

Another choice you can go for if you don’t have space is to have your plants hanging from the ceiling. In the dining area, they can hang at each side of the lighting, and this will really give a beautiful and classy effect. You can do the same in your outdoor area, balconies or even in the kitchen.

Create Zen Gardens

2-4 Expert Tips for Designing Your Home With Plants

Zen gardens are a great option to add to your indoor interior if you are someone that really does have an affinity for gardening. Not only do they look great, but they’re functional as well. These too can have glass casings to avoid soil getting all over the place and to keep kids and pets from ruining the plants.

If you once thought that having a plant was a mundane and minimal addition to your home’s interior design, you certainly don’t anymore! The ideas provided here allow you to really get creative and integrate nature in a beautiful and classy way that is sure to bring your final design together. This is why it’s important that as you design each room in your home, and the outdoor area as well, that you think about how you can include plants in a way where they can either be the focal point or added in a way that gives warmth to the overall design.

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