The kitchen is the center of every home, the busiest room among the rest where meals are prepared for the whole day, occasions, or a simple cup of coffee in the morning. With a hectic schedule of families, most prefer to keep clean it, while some neglect it. Over time, the walls are chipping, counters broken, and cabinets are stained.

You have the vision of how you want your kitchen to look, but no idea how to begin the process and what materials you should be getting from the hardware store. Want to freshen up your space with inspiration from magazines and pinning some pictures from Pinterest. But you have a tight budget to begin with, which limits you to create your vision into reality.

In this article, we’ve gathered some helpful advice from the expert to learn more about how you’re going to be able to redo and do your kitchen cabinets perfectly.

Types of Paint

Identifying the correct type of paint for each surface is a must before jumping into action, or else your coating will not settle properly and give a hideous result. The types of paint will be needed are listed below:

  • Latex – is a type of paint designed specifically for wood and metal. It is simple to apply, non-flammable, and it dries faster than other types.
  • Enamel – a solvent-based paint used for concrete and commonly used in house exteriors.

Paint Needed for the Project

  • Primer
  • Flat
  • Eggshell
  • Gloss and Satin

How to Paint Them

Already know the reason why it is the best option to have your cabinets painted. To properly do it, here’s a list you should follow to make it correctly:

●     Cleaning Materials

Before you do anything, you should prepare a cloth, soap, and water to remove stains and oil from years of cooking. Aside from cleaning them, it will make it more vulnerable to the paint you will pick.

●     Patch Things Up

After cleaning the cabinets, look for holes and uneven surfaces and patch it with wood filler to make it smooth.

●    Sanding is a Must

You’ve done filling the cracks and holes, it is essential to sand it down with 120-grit sandpaper before starting. It will help the first coat to have a good grip on the wood once you start painting.

●    Priming Them

After all the cleaning and wood preparation, it is time for the cabinets to be prime with the first coat of fresh paint.  Flat white latex paint is typically used for priming or base coat because it is easy to apply, and the finish of this type of paint has no gloss and is generally economical as well.

●    Start to Paint

Brightening up a space is as simple as it sounds but picking a color for your cabinets is a bit tricky. You should be able to get some inspiration beforehand to make sure you chose the right one. With tons of options, always keep in mind to decide for the best either you want monochromatic color or contrasting color.

Paint Techniques

In the application of paint in your kitchen cabinets, there are many methods either you want to use a roller, paintbrush, or sponge. Your creative hand may come in handy. Just imagine it like a blank canvass, and you’re creating a masterpiece.

●     Brush and Roller

The most common method used when painting a wall or cabinets, using a brush and a roller. It has been the trend in home renovations for decades and still at the top of its game. Even it may take longer to finish painting but never fails to bring great results.

●     Spray

It is the best choice for you if you want to get your uppers professionally finished. Spraying is as simple as watering your lawn, no need to paint furniture using a brush or roller. You have to pull the lever, and then you’re all right to go. It also makes the work faster than doing it in the old school way.

●     Sponge

Artists have used this technique in painting murals, but you can use this style on your cabinets, too. With its classy, wallpaper-like finish, this will make it stand out.

Bonus tip

Be sure to let it sit overnight when applying paint to your kitchen cabinets before doing another coating. It will save you from making mistakes while lighting the cupboards.

pexels-photomix-company-94865 Experts Advice on Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Why Paint Them

Home makeover shows and magazines always taught us that to change the look of a room within a blink of an eye is to paint. The perfect solution for making your space brand new is to have them covered with the color of your choice. Depending on the style you’re aiming for, you can choose from a wide variety of warm tones to cool colors. But what are the most common reason why you should paint them:

●     It Cost Less

The price of each paint can usually start from $15 up to $35 across the country. But, it will vary on what color you are rooting for and if you want it to be customized for your space as well. Instead of demoing the old cabinets, buying paint or two will bring back the cabinets its beauty that costs roughly below a hundred bucks (materials included). Great catch!

●     Practical Solution

Painting over an old kitchen cabinet is the most practical solution for your kitchen dilemma. Why? The materials needed to do it is available in any hardware store. All you need is paint, sandpaper, a brush and anyone can do it. Also, you have the option to be creative and use chalk paint for your cabinets with an instant drawing board.

It is overwhelming to start a kitchen project, there is fear, nervousness, and tons of negativity that comes to mind, but with a little bit of motivation, things will work out fine. Achieving major transformation doesn’t have to be with hiring professionals, but doing it by yourself. It feels liberating to finish some projects, plus the fact that you’ve saved some money in labor.  With a little research, motivation, and elbow grease, you will come a long way.