For homeowners that are interested in taking their homes into the next phase of improvements, continuous and innovative renovation is of uttermost priority. Forbes magazine earlier advised homeowners on what investment they should make in their homes for a great value if there’s a need to resell and also to prioritize comfortability. Also considering that a lot of families would be spending more time indoors due to the pandemic, home renovation is becoming a highly paramount endeavor. Here are a few changes you should consider making in your home for 2021

Underused or unused space

In many homes, there are parts of the homes that are empty or not effectively used for some specific functions. You can turn or equip underused space into something like a playroom or a library for yourself or the kids in the family.

An interior designer that spoke with Forbes magazine also suggested that the unused space could be turned into a music or art studio space that could help the homeowners share quality time with their family with the prospect of further lockdown looming.

She also recommended finishing the home basement and making it into a yoga or massage space.

It can be surprising to homeowners how much important space can be used to make the home more comfortable and interesting to live in, most importantly a home with little children.

Home Office

During the pandemic, a lot of office workers couldn’t go to their workspace as the virus was raging and people had to work remotely at home. Other establishments like schools, religious, and event centers having to rely on virtual outlets to help with learning and other forms of activities.

The founder of Jungalow who spoke with Forbes magazine mentioned how essential it is to have home offices in homes now. So if you work in the corporate world, this is an idea you should implement. Because even if businesses and office spaces are opened again, most companies have decided to adopt a work from home measure for their workers and may only require a few employees to come to the company office a few times during the week.

Justina Blakeney further advised that homeowners with small space would have to get creative in creating their home offices to make working from home less stressful and easier. She suggested turning the guest bedroom into an office.

Security Sanitation

Home security system sanitation is the top on the list of things homeowners should put in place in 2021. Different families and friends may want to visit other people’s homes and the world is yet to be declared free from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sanitation systems should be put in place to curb and limit contact with people that could as well lead to the spreading of the virus. Not only installing this system in homes but also taking note of public places and workspaces

Security facilities like door handles and knobs, lock keypads, and fingerprint detectors are used daily by different people, proper sanitation facilities like disinfectants, gloves, masks, and sanitizers should be stationed where it can be easily accessible by people.

The Kitchen

Cooking and eating food are things that homeowners do daily regardless of what time, having a functional, well equipped, and beautiful kitchen is the dream of every homeowner. Research has it that a large percentage of people renting and buying houses are mostly interested in the kitchen space and facilities while the other larger percentage are more interested in storage facilities and garage.

Not knowing what is to come this year, kitchens should be renovated to store excess food and food supplies. If there will be no need for whatever upgrade done the value of the renovations is still high for the homeowner.

Everyone wants to be able to store food and it is advised by experts that adding extra kitchen storage to kitchens is a great home renovation plan for 2021.


The exterior and interior painting of home matters a lot for homeowners that are very conscious of the impressions and looks of their homes.

Caitlin Scanlon, an interior designer spoke with Forbes and recommended a few painting brands like Portola Paints, based In Los Angeles, and a British painting brand for high-quality colors and paints.

Home apartment therapy experts also advised that using lighter colors for paints helps to give rooms a bigger and brighter feeling while darker colors give warm and cozy feelings.

Now that you have these home renovations ideas don’t forget to try them all out, most importantly Security system sanitation, your safety is important.

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