The Arco Lamp design focuses on making operational sense all the while also being optically appealing. Normally necessity motivates creativity, but here, inspiration struck at the glance of a simple street lamp.

The basic design philosophy entrenched within this invention lies in a deep appreciation for the idiosyncratic and the demand for a utility offering product. It challenges the usual layouts that we are accustomed to and adds quite a bit of beauty to any room. You want to choose the best layout option so that your room is a well-lit chamber rather than a clumsily misplaced piece. Take a look at the 5 layout ideas we’ve come up for inspiration:

  1. The functional aesthetic:

image001 Fabulously Upgrade Any Space with the Arco Lamp


Never underestimate the powerful impact of a monochrome color palette that can easily be enlivened by stunning pieces like the grand Arco Lamp. The refined and glistening silver chrome plated hues of this fixture is a contemporary interior designers dream come true.

As you can see in the image above, the combination of a rather conservative whitewashed living room, coupled with fashionable design elements like the lamp brings an eclectic charm to the whole space. You can see how a neutral framework with an abundance of natural white light blanketing the entire space is the perfect stage to display the overarching form of this innovative masterpiece.

  1. A well-lit workspace:

image003 Fabulously Upgrade Any Space with the Arco Lamp


When it comes to aesthetic beauty and utilitarian benefits, the Arco Lamp is a fantastic installation in your workspace. You can upgrade your monotonous lifestyle once you have a lighting tool that’ll make being productive seem like second nature. Although one would deem it redundant to add light when there’s a floor-ceiling window, then that means overlooking the necessity of lighting at night and the need for overhead lighting to facilitate long nights at the work table. Clinically proven to promote better vision, positioning the device right above your designated working station will improve efficiency in your tasks. The mood in the room is pretty serene as the dark mahogany desk and cabinet pair effortlessly well with the sophisticated shiny silhouette of the pseudo-table lamp.

  1. A classic living room with a trendy twist:

image005 Fabulously Upgrade Any Space with the Arco Lamp


Even though realistically speaking, the Arco Lamp was conceived in 1958, the structural masterwork portrayed in its construction was decades ahead of its time. This timeless entity is the perfect addition to any ultra-modern and fun setup and works splendidly as an accent piece to boxed-in living room areas.  It is common knowledge that living rooms are spaces cherished for being used as a high-traffic spot so this space should be practically planned. It was designed with ease of use kept under consideration; therefore its 8ft arch allows for lighting to travel beyond the solid base, over a significant coverage area. In the example above you can see a fun injection of individual taste with the use of large statement art, collection of pillows and suspended seating to augment the humble form of the lamp. The most commendable attribute of this arrangement is its uncongested environment, resulting in a comfortable conversation area.

  1. A fun fusion of color and cheer:

image007 Fabulously Upgrade Any Space with the Arco Lamp


The versatile nature of the Arco Lamp means it can adapt to any theme of your choosing. You can light up your life via its brushed high-grade stainless steel crown and telescoping stalk. As a homeowner, you want the freedom to play around with colors. As seen above, you can embrace the diversity of patterns and textures in a room that is both colorfully vibrant and visually rich. All these colors and configurations will be well-light by the hulking form of this lighting fixture creating a cozy little, centralized lounging space. Seating yourself in this dynamic setup, underneath its warm glow, you will experience relaxed and unfettered calm emotions.

  1. Bold and attractive:

image009 Fabulously Upgrade Any Space with the Arco Lamp


Allocated the title of a mid-century modern décor piece, the Arco Lamp oozes a stylish aura. The futuristic proportions, undeniably gracefully clean contours and sleek profile make it bold and formal. In the illustration above you can appreciate how alluring it looks when placed in a room featuring a dark and neutral color palette that is very matted. The entire scheme is focused around minimalism and tasteful artistic touches which makes it all the more peaceful.

Choosing the best location for the Arco Lamp doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Yet you may stumble and hesitate as to what to do, so whenever this happens, look through the layout ideas we’ve provided you with and rest assured you won’t make a mistake.