No matter the size of your home, you can easily add elegant touches to make a plain spot more inviting. Elegance in your home doesn’t have to be about formality. Instead, think of creating focal points that contain just the right item or object to catch the eye and serve your purpose.

Keep it Simple

Many elegant things on one table will look cluttered; a simple bowl or plate of fruit loaded with shiny apples or bright yellow lemons will be perfect. If you’re not confident about color, use a simple white platter to show off fresh produce.


If you’re not crazy about keeping fruit on a plate, put one simple flower arrangement in a striking vase in the same spot. You don’t have to spend a lot on flowers. In fact, a pretty arrangement of leaves in a variety of colors can also suit. Again, keep things simple. If the table is small and round, use a slender vase and just a few plant pieces.


Depending on the season, a plush fabric throw draped over the back of a sofa or large arm chair can invite people to sit down and snuggle in. Even if it’s warm outdoors, you can hang a mandala scarf over a leather chair to add color and increase comfort.


Consider painting one area of your home a lush, saturated color that will draw the eye. Navy, burgundy, sienna and deep greens will all work as accent walls. When it’s time to hang accessories, keep the theme simple by coordinating items. If the paint is dark, everything on the walls can be framed in white, for example.


If your home is open concept, it may be a little frustrating to define spaces. Sound, air and smells will travel easily in the space, so make sure you create a “living room” feel by defining a seating area with a rug. You can buy rugs online from April & Oak to suit any size. Make sure that the rug fits within the space between armchairs, sofas and loveseats; setting the front legs of these seating pieces on the rug will make the room feel crowded, so don’t buy too big.

Use Built-Ins

Find a spot along the wall to add a built-in bookcase. To make sure the bookcase fits tight back against the wall, build a box to cover the baseboard and set the bookcase on top of the box. You can also add crown molding to the top to reach the ceiling. Once your bookcase is in place, load it with your favorite books and display items. Make sure to also add some pretty boxes or baskets you can use to store things that get scattered around the space, such as controllers and remotes. Clutter is never elegant.

Elegance, at the end of the day, is about simplicity. Like the perfect outfit that just needs a strand of pearls, your home can be made elegant with simple touches.