Homes are a great place to unwind from a long day at work, host dinner parties, and spend time with family. There are endless possibilities for cozy sitting spaces within your home. These spaces can be ideal for sitting down with a glass of wine and a good book or playing board games with the kids.

Use these clever renovation ideas to help you plan your interior and exterior layout. Take a drab living room and turn it into a complex, multi-faceted, open-plan social space. Make your patio a place you look forward to sitting with family and friends. Do this all with the help of these simple project ideas.

Breezy Outdoor Deck

If you live in Southern California, you know one of the best parts of the area is its lovely weather year-round. Build more social spaces into your home by adding a luxury deck space outdoors. You’ll likely want to trust the pros to install the deck, but from there, dressing and furnishing it is all up to you.

Depending on the size, you could use it as a space to grill outdoors. Add a large eating table for guests to lounge and enjoy their meals and drinks. A great way to take full advantage of a deck space is to fill it with interesting and eye-catching lighting schemes. Tiki torches, antique lanterns, and fairy lights are all common, stylish choices. They can help make your deck feel warm and welcoming, with a touch of upscale flair.

With the confines that furniture needs to be durable and weather resistant, you might worry that guests won’t be comfortable seated. One great trick to try is removable cushions. Keep them indoors and bring them out when you have guests over.

Cozy Reading Nook

For many avid readers, a house isn’t a home until it includes a reading nook. This is an inviting place to sit down and enjoy a good book. These nooks can add complexity to a smaller living space, making them feel more versatile and layered. The biggest bonus of a reading nook is that it only requires a few easy pieces to create it.

Just like the deck, the best reading nooks take lighting into account. Station a comfy chair and side table next to a light source. This source can be a hanging or floor lamp, or a large window.

One great way to use your nook in a practical way is to opt for a bench with under-seat storage. Rather than use a massive bookcase, hang simple shelves and let the flair come from high end bookends.

Refined Workspace

Many homes have a designated office space. Sometimes though quarantining yourself in a room can feel stuffy or confining. Many contemporary designers are placing workspace in the layout of open living rooms and even kitchens.

The catch to workspaces in the living room is that unlike a bedroom, clutter is hard to ignore. You can’t shut the door during parties if the room is messy. The key to keeping these spaces clutter-free is innovative storage. Many pieces like lift-top desks or drawer solutions make keeping a clean desk simple.

The Bottom Line

Any room, no matter how small, can be made to feel vibrant, social, and open. With these simple renovation projects, you can add complexity to your house and create new social areas.

Try adding flair to your home with a breezy outdoor deck, cozy reading nook, or refined workspace. Your home will feel bigger, freer, and better for hosting parties and events.