When starting to plan a kitchen refurb or even creating a new kitchen from scratch, the first thing on a designer or consumer’s mind is, ‘Which colours will suit my kitchen for the next ten years?’

Choosing the correct kitchen colours for yourself can be quite an odyssey: which is the correct shade, the correct blend, how will it maximise the light and even, will it look good and retain value if I choose to sell my home?

Classic Kitchen Colours

For a long time now, a grey kitchen worktop has been one of the most desirable ‘must-haves’ when creating a new look for this focal point of the home.

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This neutral, previously underestimated colour, can keep a kitchen looking fresh and welcoming when paired with a contrast of brightly-coloured cabinetry and backsplash. The combination kitchen colours of grey with a rich green or ocean blue can produce an attractive, modern look.

However, despite the recent success of grey, white still maintains the top spot for consumers’ kitchen design ideas. How can you really go wrong with white? Fresh, bright and reflecting light, pairing white up with an aforementioned grey or charcoal, or even a luxurious wood finish, can really set off any kitchen design.

Mixing your Kitchen Colours

A very 2018 contemporary trend is to mix your kitchen colours. Matching the colour of a kitchen worktop and some cabinetry, or even painting the backsplash to match the worktop, is very much in fashion. Maybe even using the same materials, especially a perfect wood-textured finish, can really bring a kitchen together.

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Even with a little research, you would soon discover that blue, contrasted with greys, greens and even yellows is a big hit with UK consumers in 2018. These kitchen colours seem to go so well together with a natural wood tone, especially on kitchen worktops. This welcoming ensemble of blue with anything pastoral is becoming the central theme in many kitchen design ideas.

Neutral, pastel colours aren’t for everyone, so for a more daring approach, you can go for earth tones, giving the kitchen worktop and its surround a natural, rustic warmth, regardless of the space. Have an inviting olive green or sea blue, reflecting the ocean, silver-blue representing the sky or even a yellow-brown colour palette to paying homage to a woody, autumnal feel. All of these kitchen colours make this room warm and inviting.

It’s worth it

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Hopefully, these ideas can inspire you to put the necessary effort into choosing kitchen colours, and how important they can be. Colours are the first thing you come across in any room, so having the perfect cabinetry, kitchen worktop and backsplash need to be complemented by a colour scheme that shows them off.