There is nothing better than spending time in your garden and enjoying the outdoors. The warm weather never lasts so you need to get out there and make the most of it. Despite more people than ever having a backyard or garden, we aren’t all necessarily making the most of the space, but there’s a lot of quick fixes to help transform your space.

When you’re thinking about enhancing your set up you should consider the size, shape and how you normally use the space. Some people mainly use it for family time while others use it for regular gatherings. However you use your garden you can find the perfect features to make it even better.

The most popular accessory in 2019 is a fire pit. The concept of a fire pit certainly isn’t new and actually dates back to prehistoric times when man used the flames to cook and keep darkness at bay. These days of course we don’t need a fire pit for cooking, or lighting but they offer a lot of benefits.

Firstly they are stylish. Fire pits can transform the entire look and feel of your back yard giving a central feature in your garden. It gives a warm and cosy atmosphere outdoors and helps make your garden an extension of your home. There are a wide range of styles available and you can find many attractive choices to match the style of your home.

Secondly, fire pits offer a lot of practical benefits. They offer a natural light source which helps illuminate your garden so you can use it much later in the day. It also offers warmth when it starts to get cold, again letting you use your garden that bit more. You can even use fire pits to cook food or have bbqs which is a nice feature in the Summer.

The best benefit of the fire pit is how much they can help you relax. They are the ultimate de stress device and nothing will help you unwind more at the end of the day than chilling in front of the fire with a cold beer.

Fire Pit Ideas

There are a lot of different options when it comes to fire pits and it’s certainly not one size fits all. There are a number of off the shelf products you can purchase directly and set up with no hassle, but if you’re used to DIY projects then you may look to build you own. To help get you started we’ve put together some of the best fire pit ideas.

Simple Circle Fire Pit

The most common type is the circular fire pit. This is a simple design with stones layered in a circle around the flames. This is fully customisable by you and the size and shape of the stones will really impact how it looks. If you want a clean cut style you can use brick which will layer perfectly, but using rocks of different shapes and sizes will make the whole fire pit more rustic.

This is a fire pit which you can certainly put together yourself. First you’ll need to dig down slightly into the earth, around 6 inches, and layer it with fire stones. All you’ll need to do then it layer the stones around the earth in a circle. This will help contain the fire and keep everyone back at a safe distance. The full cost for this type of fire pit will typically be under $300 so it’s affordable even for those on a limited budget.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are a different and more modern way to house your fire pit. The fire is lit in a durable metal bowl which is normally on a stand or legs. The main advantage is that fire bowls can be used with charcoal, propane or wood with each giving a very different type of flame. Propane fires are the most consistent plus they won’t give dirty smoke meaning you can use it indoors.

Fire bowls are more versatile and more convenient. They offer all the same qualities as a traditional fire pit but without being a fixed structure. So if you move around the garden you can take it with you and you can even more it indoors to enjoy in the living room.


Hanging Fire Bowls

Hanging fire bowls are very popular and offer a lot of style to your garden. The fire bowl is hung under a stand and suspended in the air making the whole more accessible and perfect for large gatherings. A popular model is the cowboy cauldron fire pit with has a very large bowl suspended by a cast iron metal chain. This is heavy and difficult to move but gives a great deal of light and heat for parties.

Spa Fire Pit

If you have a pool in your garden then a spa fire pit could be the one for you. This is a way to make your garden more cosy, allowing you to jump out of the cold and straight into the warmth of the flames. It’s great if you enjoy meditation as you can sit in front of it and help focus your mind.

Fire Pit Patio Table

For a traditional twist on patio furniture you can opt for a fire pit patio table. These offer a very stylish way to complete your outdoor area with a low flame that offers light and heat. These are fueled by propane and the smoke that comes off is clean. This means you can use it in confined spaces without any issues and there is often a grill accessory so you can layer food on top for cooking.

Fire pit patio tables are perfect for small gatherings. You can all gather round and bask in the warmth until late in the evenings, and you can normally slide them indoors if you want to. Fire pit patio tables are popular so there are lots of different models available. You should consider going for a heavy duty model made with iron or copper. This will help you get a longer life from the fire pit and give you the best value for money.

Copper Fire Pit

Copper is used in a lot of furniture in the home because of its durability and unique look. Copper fire pits are growing in popularity as the metal is suitable for dealing with extreme heat and the colouring is warm and distinctive.

Copper fire pits give a look and feel of premium quality which works particularly well in a modern home. There are a number of different varieties, styles and designs to suit any shape so you should consider what matches your seating or existing furnishings. Generally copper fire pits are good value and won’t cost a great deal, but you may need to browse the market to get the best prices.

Fire Pits

Fire pits help transform your garden area and make it feel like another room in your home. Combined with the right garden furniture you can have a really cosy space that’s perfect for relaxation and entertaining. Once you have one you won’t look back and you’ll probably wonder how you survived beforehand! If you face problems with whistling noise in your fire pits, then you may go, they wrote detailed tips about noise reductions.

There are so many varieties of fire pit you will definitely be able to find one to suit you. The materials, style, design, and features will all feed into your choice and your budget will, of course, influence the decision. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas of what you would like. The right fire pit will be a great asset to your home, so take your time and explore the options and then you’ll be in the best position to find a fire pit that you’ll love.