Besides being a great decorative element of every house, recently the fireplace is one of the most attractive options for heating.

Especially in the cold autumn and winter days when all we need is a cup of tea or coffee in front of a warm fireplace.

The romantic and warm radiation spread around the fireplace make everyone enjoy in its magic.

Very pleasant feeling is given from the fireplaces operated by wood because of the natural way of heating.

But, the real problem comes to point when you need to go outside in order to bring in firewood.

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In order to produce warmth, the firewood must be dry, so a really good idea is to have a stock of firewood in your house. Not only the firewood will be dry, but you will also reduce the frequency of going out to bring firewood in.

Everyone wants to have a modern and uniquely designed fireplace, but what about the firewood?

The firewood is a crucial decorative part of the fireplace, and represents an important point of the overall room’s decoration.

With a little bit of imagination, you can create a very pleasant and attractive firewood indoor holder that will match to your fireplace decoration.

How to choose the perfect indoor firewood holder?

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If you don’t have a fireplace that has a special part for storing the firewood, then you are obliged to buy one, or if you are willing you can create one by yourself.

But, before you start making one or go to the store, you first need to decide what kind of a firewood holder will suit best with the style of your fireplace and your room in general.

You can choose among stationary or portable firewood holders, made from different materials and in different colors.

The firewood holder will certainly be the “cheery on the top of the cream”, the accessory that was lacking in your fireplace design.

Here, we will present to you some very interesting firewood storage ideas.

If you opt for the idea of creating a firewood holder on your own, then a good solution is to create a frame firewood storage from a material that you have in your home, and paint it in your favorite color, or a color that will match to the fireplace.

For example, if you are a lover of the vintage style you can easily create a vintage firewood holder. All you need is an old bucket.

First of all, make sure that the bucket is large enough to fit a considerable amount of firewood, enough to use it for minimum of one day.

You can paint the bucket in a gold color or a brownish one and give a special charm and warmth to the fireplace.

If you have enough space in the room, you can place the firewood in a vertical way, next to the fireplace.

This way, you will be able to store more firewood and give to the room a dose of traditionalism.

Also, the wall that the firewood is going to be leaned on will get an interesting pattern and become eye-catching, contributing to the entire seasonal décor.

Grilling station

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Maybe you have a grilling station in your yard. Than you can use it to store firewood, since most of the grilling stations have a special room where you can place it.

Like that you will be completely sure that the firewood will be protected from rain and ready for usage.


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The wicker baskets are a very good idea for indoor firewood storage.

Thanks to their side handles they are easily portable and their knitted design makes them a really astonishing accessory in the room.

Using a wicker basket will surely make your fireplace to look as one of kind. You can even spray the basket with gold color, giving it more sophisticated and luxurious look.

Firewood storage under bench

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One of the best wood storage ideas is to nicely place your firewood under benches. This option will surely add a dose of warmth and inviting feeling in the area.


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When we are still talking about diy firewood storage, here is another suggestion. Why not use some old buckets as firewood holders?

You can paint the bucket in a color that will correspond to the design of the room and the fireplace, or you can even use a few buckets of different sizes adding more dramatism to the place.

Firewood box

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If you don’t have enough space in the room for a firewood holder, a very good idea is to use a contemporary-style box near to your front door.

Like that you won’t spend much time outside, the box will keep the fire logs dry, and just a few steps away from the room.

Firewood storage on shelves

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Another really good and unique suggestion, especially if you don’t have enough space around the fireplace, is to use a shelf for storing firewood.

You can place the shelf above the fireplace, certainly making the fireplace a focal point of the room.

Firewood rack

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The firewood racks are very useful when you need a place to store your pokers, tongs and brooms.

They will provide enough space for adding firewood, but you will be also able to store the fireplace tools. So, don’t wait, go buy or make by yourself some modern firewood rack.

Double Round Rack

Double round racks are a welcomed and useful accessory to every fireplace. They provide more than enough room for storing the fire logs and create a very modern and sophisticated look in the living room.

Covered firewood storage outdoors

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We presented to you many ideas for indoor firewood storage, but what with the fire logs that are outside?

They also need to be placed well and protected from the unpredictable weather conditions.

You can create a tank of any material you have and in any form you can imagine, just make sure that it will be big enough and well covered.

Deck storage

A very smart firewood storage solution is to use the space under the steps. There is enough room for storing firewood and many other needed items.

Firewood Holder from Plumbing Pipes

If you have some unused plumbing pipes in your house, now is the time to make something of them. They are the right material for creating a firewood holder.

You can even add wheels underneath, to make your brand new and unique firewood holder portable.

DIY Tote

If you don’t have the budget for buying a firewood holder, or you don’t have enough space in the room, there is no need for worries.

Without the use of sewing material, you can make your own very chic and unique tote.

Choose your favorite material with some interesting color or pattern, and the fire logs are ready for bringing home.

Firewood Storage with Easy to Carry Trolley

When you opt for a portable firewood holder, then you should certainly use a carry trolley. Like that the relocation of the firewood will be extremely easy

Pallet Shed

Design-Ideas-For-Firewood-Storage9 Firewood Storage Design IdeasImage source: Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

A very useful and inexpensive idea for outdoor storage of firewood is the pallet shed. You can create it in the shape of a small house, designed only for the firewood storage.

Like this, your firewood will be protected from rain and will have a good air circulation that will keep them dry.

Copper Plated Firewood Tub – Even Try Large Tin Cans

Design-Ideas-For-Firewood-Storage12 Firewood Storage Design IdeasImage source: Frederick + Frederick Architects

These copper plated firewood tubs are now available in every bigger market. They are extremely useful and their remarkable color suits to every kind of interior design.

Hanging Firewood Storage

If you don’t have enough space around the fireplace, you can mount to steel holders on the wall next to the fireplace. Like that you will create a very unique wall decoration that will be extremely useful for you at the same time.

Rack It Indoors

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If you are aiming for a rustic style, a good idea is to use an indoor rack for storing the fire logs.

It will definitely bring an additional warmth into the space, and there are many wood rack ideas available online that you can choose from.


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If you have a fireplace in your house, you can surely use it as an item for decoration. You can choose among enormous kinds of styles for the same,that will make the fireplace a main attraction of the room.

Adding a well-designed firewood holder next to the fireplace will certainly increase its affection even more, giving an additional cozy look to the overall design. So, don’t hesitate, use some of our firewood storage tips.

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