Wardrobes are the second most important furniture in a bedroom after the bed, so it’s good to get a good wardrobe that best fits your bedroom.

Fitted Wardrobes

fitted-wardrobes Fitted vs. Freestanding Wardrobes: Comparison Guide


  1. If you have issues of space, maybe the space is not big enough and you are trying to manage then a fitted wardrobe would come in handy. This is because it takes up less space and also fits in awkward spaces. A fitted wardrobe can be made to fit in awkward spaces such as sloping ceilings or angles and even uneven walls thereby making the most out of any space.
  2. The fitted wardrobe does well in storage, you can create your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and clothing preferences. It helps you organize your clothes in sections, so you don’t waste time searching for what to put on.
  3. It is easy to match with your decorations and other furniture because of the various selection of colors and finishing available.


  1. Fitted wardrobes are usually expensive and most times they need to be designed and fitted by an expert.
  2. Fitted wardrobes cannot be moved due to its custom fit, so it is usually permanent. So if you move homes you won’t be able to take your fitted wardrobe with you.
  3. It is difficult to rearrange the space. Normally you can quickly rearrange by moving furniture and changing their positions but with a fitted wardrobe it is hard to rearrange, this means less flexibility in your room’s layout.
  4. It takes a longer delivery time because it is custom-made and built to fit your lifestyle and requirements.

An alternative to these is having a walk-in wardrobe. You can continue reading about these.

Freestanding Wardrobes

freestanding-vs-fitted-wardrobes Fitted vs. Freestanding Wardrobes: Comparison Guide


  1. Freestanding wardrobes are portable and can easily be moved around. This means you can take them with you if you are moving house or you can move them from one room to another in the case of rearranging.
  2. It can be resold or replaced easily. If you love restyling or you are likely to move home then a freestanding wardrobe is for you because you can easily sell them and get new ones.
  3. Depending on where you order your wardrobe from, you can get it delivered to you the same day. Its delivery is faster and has a shorter time of delivery than a fitted wardrobe.


  1. They tend to come in limited sizes. They cannot take shape or fit in as much as the fitted wardrobe.
  2. With freestanding wardrobe there are wasted spaces, you would have some underutilized spaces around your wardrobe which would just gather dust or be used as dumping ground.
  3. Freestanding wardrobes can make a room feel cluttered. Most times the top of the wardrobe is used to dump things or their size may just seem rowdy in a small room.

fitted-wardrobes-by-fci-london Fitted vs. Freestanding Wardrobes: Comparison Guide

In summary, freestanding wardrobes are versatile and can be easily moved around, whereas a fitted wardrobe makes better use of awkward spaces. When it comes to choosing wardrobes whether freestanding or fitted, you should consider how you use your room and the look you are trying to get. If in doubt you can seek professional advice, which you can get from FCI London’s fitted wardrobe showroom.