If you are a pet lover and a dog for that matter, you must have come across a cute small to a medium-sized dog lying on the couch. I am talking about a Pomeranian-Husky breed commonly knowns as a Pomsky. There is no doubt they are adorable and beautiful, having been bred from two beautiful Pomeranian and Siberian husky breeds. The most sort for is an all-white Pomsky for its beauty and blends well with the interior decor in your house. All the same, no matter the color, a Pomsky is a Pomsky. What most lovers don’t know or can’t tell when buying one is how she will behave at home. What is about a Pomsky beyond its physical beauty?

It is not a purebred

Now you know that a Pomsky never existed naturally as a pure breed. Like many other breeds, it is the cross-breeding Pomeranian and Siberian husky that derives your favorite pet dog. That’s the beauty of this breed. However, it is the inherited traits that should worry you more as they will over time, describe the character of your begotten friend.

Your Pomsky may have been a product of parents with unknown behaviors, including temperament, stubbornness, or disobedience. Hence there are chances that your dog may become difficult to handle, overly protective and barks every time strangers approach your home. You may have to keep doors locked or erect a fence around your home to prevent it from crossing over and attacking. Hence, unlike the German shepherd and other breeds, you can’t bet with Pomsky when it comes to character and development.

Can be destructive to home decor

As you budget for your family nutrition, consider you have an extra member of your family. Pomskies use a lot of energy due to their playful character. You will find her jumping from one furniture and room to another. Hence, you need to consider having seats and other furniture that are scratch resistance or else she can easily tear the fabrics. You may alternatively prepare a spacious room in your home or apartment to roam freely and with friendly décor and toys to play with.

Getting home will be no easy, as she will demand to play. Hence, you need to consider a meal that will meet this energy requirement. Your veterinarian may also recommend a suitable diet. Pomskies also require moderate outdoor exercises like a good walk and extra play once per day. Otherwise, they can get bored and may start biting items in the house which is dangerous to her and destructive to your households.

They can grow to unpredictable size

When you envision your Pomsky to be, you get the image of a cute fluffy and medium-sized puppy. The same image will appear on every sales website, and it is not easy to be showcased an adult Pomsky. Hence when she grows up, she might end up being bigger than you thought or marginally increase in size and weight after many years. If you decide to own one it’s important to arrange for adequate space in your home or apartment to accommodate her.

With a life span of up to fifteen years, you can’t be guaranteed of their full weight and size. If you are buying one because she is small and cute, kindly know that like all other pets, they will lose their baby looks. Therefore, it is advisable to start thinking about your long-term responsibility if she grows bigger than expected.

Pomsky is costly to buy and maintain

As noted, this dog is artificially bred through artificial insemination, which is an expensive affair. It needs a lot of time and patience to produce the desired breed. The expectant mother also has to be well taken care of to deliver value for the high investment. This cost aside, a Pomsky demands a lot of care and attention. You need to budget regularly for specific items and accessories for cleaning and brushing, such as a dog shampoo and soap, a soft brush for grooming, and towels.

It also loves to play a lot with you, or else you acquire a few toys. Besides grooming her twice daily, you will be required to take her to a professional groomer once in a while for a fine touch. If you neglect this duty, you may end up with her hair all over your house, on seats, on beds and carpet from natural shedding. She will also be scratching herself against the corners of the house.

Other than maintaining proper hygiene, a Pomsky requires regular health checks and vaccination to prevent her from contracting and spreading diseases. Pomskies inherit common health issues from their parents and are much predisposed to conditions like allergies, dislocated knees, heart problems, among other issues.

Don’t buy one from unknown breeders

When it comes to Pomskies, it is a must that you source one from a reputable breeder. This is because it is not a common breed with known standards of breeding, and any error might yield the wrong breed. in addition, you will be assured of a healthy pet in your house with a certificate of origin. Buying a Pomsky from a roadside vendor might be cheap, but you will incur huge medical expenses in the future, coupled with extra training sessions. You would rather wait a few months to get your own new Pomsky from a registered breeder than have one the easy way, not knowing how she will develop.

Final words

Are you still interested in buying a Pomsky? It is a great idea having known these facts and what to expect from one. She is fun to have around your home as she gives you company and eases mental stress when you too play around or take a walk. Don’t spend all your money on buying cuteness and get disappointed with behavior, development, and health. Take a safer path by buying your Pomsky from accredited vendors. It will save you a great deal in the future.