It’s the little things in a house that make it a home. Adding convenience features can make life more enjoyable and repetitive tasks simpler.

A well-designed home has a higher resale value and plumbing plays a significant role in home design. Here are five fun plumbing features to include in your renovation efforts that will enhance your home.

Foot Activated Kitchen Faucets

According to the experts at Mr. Splash– a plumber Western Suburbs locals highly recommend– a lot of modern homeowners prioritize cost-savings and convenience when choosing their plumbing features. Foot activated kitchen faucets cover both.

These faucets are installed with a switch that hides discreetly at the base of your cupboard, which you can use to switch on the water without touching the taps. This is a great feature to have in place while cooking dinner, limiting the contact of germs from handling raw meat. This feature is also convenient when washing dirt off one’s hands, keeping fixtures shiny and spotless.

Digital Showers

Digital showers provide a sense of luxury in the comfort of your own home. Rather than finicking with taps, you can set your preferred temperature down to the degree. You can also change the spray patterns and water pressure.

Some digital showers have remote control capabilities that allow you to warm your shower to your preferred temperature in advance, then pause the flow to conserve energy until you’re ready to enter. With Bluetooth capabilities, your spa-like experience can be enhanced by syncing your shower to your favorite playlist.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are far more efficient than the traditional tanks, that have warm water ready at all times. These devices are estimated to save up to 50% more energy per year, heating water on demand using electricity or gas. They are compact and convenient, using substantially less space than traditional water heating tanks.

Aside from the cost-saving and environmental impacts, running out of hot water is no longer an issue. Those who like to fill a soaker tub and relax at the end of the day or have to shower after all of their family members will enjoy the consistent supply of warm water.

Smart Home Monitoring

Smart home features aren’t just for having your coffee ready for you in the morning or adjusting the temperature at home while traveling to the office. Smart home monitoring can also be used for plumbing to ensure that there are no leaks or inefficiencies that could cause damage to your home and wallet.

By installing pipes that are compatible with smart home monitoring, homeowners receive notifications about leaks or blockages directly to their phone. This can help narrow down the cause of a plumbing issue and identify a potential problem before there are visual signs. As a result, homeowners are able to give more details to a plumbing service when they call; this alone can save hundreds in labor fees.

Futuristic Toilets

More homeowners are looking for inspiration in the Japanese Toto toilet. The Toto toilet (and other toilets that replicate the Toto) features luxuries like a bidet and heated seats. They are extremely efficient, using very little water to dispose of waste. The sealant used in the toilet bowl is the Teflon of toilet bowls, which means less cleaning and only one gallon of water used per flush as opposed to the standard 18 gallons in older toilets.

Some futuristic toilets also have features that automatically put the seat down, purify the air, and even play music. As this technology becomes more accessible, it’s expected that more contractors will install them in modern homes.

Indoor plumbing is perhaps one of the best inventions to ever exist and has changed the world for the better. By incorporating these fun plumbing features into your home, you can carve out a little slice of paradise in a busy world.