Everywhere we look, there is advice on home decor. Do this so your home will look perfect. If you paint your wall this color, your guests will be stunned by your creativity. Everything is about making your home look well-designed and immaculately stylish. But did you know about the wabi-sabi home design trend?

This trend is inspired by the Japanese term that means finding beauty in imperfections. Your wabi-sabi lifestyle is supposed to embrace all the flaws that come with life, including your home. So, when it comes to indoor decor, wabi-sabi values authenticity over perfection.

Instead of buying everything that’s been the latest trend, you should be striving to make your home look peaceful and simple. So here are some tips that can help you make your home look more wabi-sabi:

First, declutter

jared-rice-408402-unsplash Five Ways to Embrace the Wabi-Sabi Home Design Trend

Even if wabi-sabi does promote imperfection, that doesn’t mean you should live in a mess. So, take out all the things you need and sort them into storage boxes or throw them away. If you don’t feel like throwing them, you can donate them or give them to someone who needs them more than you.

In case you’re not well-versed in decluttering, you should definitely take some advice from Marie Kondo, a Japanese author and a professional organizer, who has a lot of useful pointers on how to declutter your home and live a happier life.

Basically, you should be grateful for everything you own, and if you want to make sure whether something is a keeper, you just need to take it and ask yourself “Does it bring me joy?”. Maybe it seems funny at first, but many have said that Marie’s tips helped them turn their home from cluttered to tidy.

Feel free to mismatch colors

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The wabi-sabi decor style is all about experimenting and creativity so if you’ve always been worried about matching everything to a tee, it’s time you stop doing that. Your home can be beautiful even if some things are slightly out of place so trying to make everything perfect can strip your home off personality and uniqueness.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should match super contrasting details, but rather than feeling disappointed that something is slightly different, try to find a way to incorporate it in a way that will look good and cohesive. Wabi-sabi is all about combining various aesthetics while also embracing imperfection.

Respect the nature

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One of the main principles of wabi-sabi is the appreciation and gratitude for nature and everything we have. Being minimalist is important when trying to adopt the wabi-sabi trend, and respecting the nature means not fretting over empty and unused spaces, and deeply appreciating natural materials.

Instead of being fussed over not having a specific thing, try to find a creative replacement or simply try to live without it for some time. When it comes to materials, focus on choosing glass, wood, marble, concrete, stone, and metal. That way your home will look authentic and more in tune with the environment. Adopting love and respect for nature is in perfect alliance with wabi-sabi since nature itself is beautiful in its imperfection.


Don’t be afraid of minimalism

pexels-photo-545012 Five Ways to Embrace the Wabi-Sabi Home Design Trend

If you’re looking to infuse your home with wabi-sabi aesthetics, the first thing you should let go of is the desire to live in abundance. Having fewer things can actually make your space look more elegant. So, instead of having too many furniture items in your bedroom, you can look for some comfy beds for sale, and be done with it.

Additionally, you’ll need a normal-sized wardrobe and a bedside table, but aside from that, you don’t need much more for a peaceful sleep. We’re constantly told that we need more to be happy, and then we get disappointed when it turns out to be a lie. Wabi-sabi can greatly help you adopt a more minimalist lifestyle without depriving yourself of anything you truly love.

Aim for simple and neutral designs

timothy-buck-309898-unsplash Five Ways to Embrace the Wabi-Sabi Home Design Trend

Sometimes, it’s better to give up lavishly designed furniture in favor of simpler, more minimalist designs. Opting for wooden furniture can add warmth and intimacy to your home, and choosing handmade furniture can be more original than going to the store and buying the first thing that you see.

Also, instead of throwing things away when they get old, try to embrace aging and try to repair them, so they’ll look good again. Furthermore, try to pick neutral and natural colors such as brown, beige, white, black and gray. Similarly, focus on natural lighting and don’t get fussed if something is slightly out of place. Add potted plants and be kind to them every day.


For those who are looking to transition to wabi-sabi home design, it might be difficult at first, especially if you’re used to hoarding a lot of unnecessary stuff. But if you do your research, your home can look gorgeous without many things lying around. Try to find balance and beauty in everyday imperfection instead of aiming for something that’s almost impossible to achieve. Wabi-sabi can teach you to have a wonderful home without actually owning a lot.