When decorating their home very few people think about signage. Yet, as you will see there are several ways you can use signs to make your home look better as well as make it a safer place.

Every Home Needs Safety Signs

Every year, in America 3.3 million people have to attend the emergency room or a doctor’s office because they have had an accident in their home. So, it is wise to do everything you can to make your house or apartment safer.

One of the easiest things you can do is to put up signs that warn of hazards or point people to safety. You can easily buy the signage you need online. Including fire extinguisher signs, mind your head, slippery surface and no running signs. They do not cost a lot and take minutes to put up. Importantly, these signs have been shown to be very effective at reducing accidents.

Home Security Signs

You can also use signs to put off would be home invaders and to deter fly-tippers and vandals. Studies show that when home invaders see CCTV or alarm signs displayed, 60% of them will immediately go elsewhere. Relatively few of them will stick around to try to determine whether you really do have a home security system in place. These signs have also been shown to put vandals and fly-tippers off. Neighborhood Watch signs also help to deter home invaders and other undesirables.

Other Warning Signs to Use Around The Home

If you own a dog, especially if it is a big one you really should warn visitors of that fact. Putting up a notice is a good way to do this. It will help to reduce the chances of someone entering your yard and being bitten.

In some states, if that happens your dog and the way you keep him or her will be investigated. If you are found negligent you could face prosecution. Worse, your family pet could be assessed as being dangerous. In the worst case scenario, they could end up having to be destroyed.

To Make Life Easier For Yourself

If you have a driveway or an assigned parking space that is constantly being blocked, putting up a no parking or driveway in use sign can be really helpful. These signs make people more aware that there is an issue. They are far less likely to park inconsiderately when they see this type of signage in place.

Getting Creative With Signs

But, not all signs are about warnings. It is possible to use these same signs in a decorative way.

For example, you could use large street signs to decorate your walls. They work especially well in a gym, office or workshop setting. This excellent article includes some great images of how people have done exactly this. You can use those for inspiration or come up with your own ways to use street signs in decorative ways. They are really easy to buy online and they cost far less than you would expect.