Our home is our private haven, and we’re willing to spend plenty of time and money to revamp it the way we want it to look.

Most of the time, we crave for a peaceful and relaxing cradle we would daydream about, and we don’t spare efforts to make that happen.

After all, it is our favorite and most important investment, and it deserves proper attention.

But how do you make your space really elegant and unique? This is a matter of creativity and personality, but there are still ideas able to please all of us. Floor to ceiling windows are one of them.

For a breathtaking interior décor, you need to pay attention to every detail.

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Still, there is a certain hierarchy between elements to use as foundation for your revamp plan – the asset elements are the windows, because they are large enough to preserve the consistency and beautiful design of the entire room.

That’s why there are so many advantages of floor to ceiling windows you must consider if you want your living room to stand out.

Between other things, large floor to window cons reveal your beautiful surroundings, and depict either a piece of the beautiful nature around you, or a scene of your dynamic urban neighborhood which dictate the internal atmosphere.

Floor to ceiling windows pros and cons

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The main point of using large glass panels is to bring surrounding’s atmosphere inside, and have the chance to enjoy nature as much as you want.

The larger the windows, the more beautiful the view on the landscape will be, particularly if you have a sunny garden to show off with.

Before you know it, your living room will become your favorite hanging spot, where the line between inner and outer is completely blurred, and inspiration comes from all sides.

Luckily, there are many ways to achieve this, choosing between plethoras of framed, unframed, transparent, or decorated windows. The style is up to you.

Large windows are not only a smart solution for natural light input, but a panoramic plan for your living space that gives your family access to stunning outdoor views.

If you’re in love with nature or perform a nature-related profession, this will be your close connection to the exterior, and it will relax you after a long working day.

There is no point in maintaining a mesmerizing yard if you can’t not enjoy it in every occasion, so install floor to ceiling windows and make it happen.


Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas3 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: FINNE Architects

Light is the first and most important reason for installing floor to ceiling windows, because it helps you perform all activities, relax, or put creativity in activity.

Needless to say, floor to ceiling windows look amazing, and invoke a pleasant visual effect for extra freshness and spaciousness.

Sea home owners are particularly lucky to have such views without investing effort in them, which is why we believe this is the jackpot solution for them. Imagine how beautiful it is to wake up each morning with such unobstructed view!

An extra benefit is that large windows line the façade of your house, and open your living room towards the exterior.

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas4 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: C Wright Design

Privacy concerns, on the other hand, can easily be surpassed – translucent glass which balances visibility or appropriate covering should do for the moments you want to keep for yourself.

Thereof, there is no excuse not to make your room classier by scaling windowing, and adding 8ft more to its current volume.


As good as they are floor to ceiling windows still have few drawbacks to be taken into account. In case you refuse using solar shades and curtains, privacy may become an issue.

Without the appropriate tempering, safety can become an issue as well. At the same time, tempering is quite expensive, and wills still not be the expected insulator that will prevent your home from losing heat or letting it inside.

Maintenance is another issue which should concern you especially if you have pets and small children. Only after considering both the good and bad sides of these windows, you will be able to see whether they are a reasonable solution for you.

Interesting windowing ideas

Clear views

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas5 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Mihaly Slocombe

The basic floor to window concept is clear and unobstructed view, suitable for smaller rooms rather than larger ones where the window has a lot to reveal.

Modern floor to ceiling windows

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas6 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

The modern way to install floor to ceiling windowing is to put a single window rather than few of them in a row, and let it stand alone, without decorations or furniture.

Solutions for the space between the windows

Many people decide for floor to ceiling windows because they like the space between them, and think of many interesting tactics to fill it.

This space looks amazing with a bookshelf for reading materials, which works the best with a chair or a small and unconstructive coffee table in the corner.

Country floor to ceiling windows

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas10 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Gordon Weima Design Builder

Floor to ceiling windows are perfect for country houses, and add a special charm and interest to their living rooms.

In a setting like that, floor to ceiling windows are also practical, and require minimal decoration (usually nothing but the compulsory framing) compared to other settings.

Floor to ceiling windows in contemporary living rooms

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas12 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Vaught Frye Larson Architects

Floor to ceiling ideas are quite frequent when people are describing their perfect living room, and there is a solid reason for that. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t like a stunning view while drinking coffee on a comfortable sofa?

In a ranch house, this can be the perfect open-up setting, in particular if there are sliding doors with simple frames.

Still, the way how you install your windows has to be planned in accordance with your interior design, the same as the color scheme, furniture, and materials you’re using.

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas13 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Cantoni

Large windows are great to refresh the setting, as the floor to ceiling bay creates a feeling you’re in your background lawn without even going outside.

The typical materials used for floor to ceiling windows are bright or completely transparent glass and the choice between the two may turn out decisive for the contemporary accent you’re trying to introduce in your living room.

What you should also have in mind is that the type of glass you’re using for your floor to ceiling windows will determine whether this design solution is healthy and safe.

Floor to ceiling windows in master bedrooms

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas7 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Blansfield Builders, Inc.

If the ultimate idea of installing large windows is to have an amazing view that relaxes, than the ideal place to do so is the master bedroom. Once they’re all set, you will love resting there even more.

For the best effect, think of a plant that relates to the plants you’re growing outside, and bring it in to ensure a cohesive look, and make the connection to your garden even stronger.

Consider the height of your ceiling, and be careful with the size – too big plants can overwhelm the room, while tiny ones will blend with it, and won’t even be noticeable.

Floor to ceiling windows in modern kitchens

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas11 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Earthwise Windows and Doors

Before thinking how awesome it could be to have all that extra light in your kitchen, note that the presence of multiple floor to ceiling windows can affect your flooring’s ability to absorb sunlight and heat, and retain such.

The best options are concrete and earth-like floors, which can be kept warm in winter with a simple rug, but you should remember to move the rugs appropriately once sun becomes stronger.

Except of this, there is no reason to think twice about installing floor to ceiling windows in your kitchen – they will look amazing, and they will contribute to its comfort, spaciousness, and elegance.

Ending thoughts

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas8 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: DeForest Architects

Human’s biological need to work, but also enjoy life and relax in large spaces create the desire for the person to connect with nature, and feel free as much of his time as possible.

The common mistake we all do, however, is to barricade ourselves limited built environments, which are a compulsory outdoor shelter on the one hand, but less inspiring living spaces on the other.

As recent design studies confirm (we didn’t even doubt it!), the higher the ceiling in a room the better its inhabitants are feeling inside, even if there is less natural light coming inside than the necessary.

Floor-To-Ceiling-Windows-Design-Ideas9 Floor To Ceiling Windows Design IdeasImage source: Dick Clark + Associates

Floor to ceiling windowing is perfect for contemporary design solutions, as they eliminate the need for excessive lighting and décor, and give your place the long desired spaciousness appearance.

At the same time, they are very practical, as they let natural light inside, and ventilate the place unlike standard ones applied on brick walling.

Their uniqueness is also related to the fact that they genuinely ensure extra space, by simply blurring the line that divides the inside from the outside.

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