Regarding flooring for home and commercial use, durability is always a serious consideration. You can’t afford to position an expensive hand-woven carpet on your floor and watch it get ruined.

With countless people entering and leaving your place and the constant risk of liquid spillage, food stains, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to a better flooring choice.

Choose the right flooring that offers durability, style, and reliability, whether it’s for your home, office, kitchen, bars, diners, restaurants, or even airport floors. In this article, we will be analyzing the best floors for various spaces, including airport floors, to help you make an informed decision.

Types Of Flooring

1) Terrazzo: This flooring is the best because it offers durability and versatility. It is the perfect option when you want to impress your visitors.

Terrazzo flooring is suitable for large commercial areas. Terrazzo features include; LEED-friendly, low lifetime cost, and less expensive installation.

It is perfect for incorporating design and custom logos. Out of all the flooring available, terrazzo is one of the most aesthetically versatile floorings out there.

2) Rubber Flooring: This flooring is perfect for use in high-traffic areas like offices, restaurants, diners, etc. It has unique features like; sound absorbent, durability, slip resistance, etc.

It comes with a unique cushioned design that prevents the fatigue of both customers and employees as they move about the place.

Rubber flooring reduces noise from rolling carts, high heel shoes, and furniture that drop accidentally.

It resists wear and tear and prevents impact damage to your place subfloor. Other features of this rubber flooring; it is easy to install and offers acoustic qualities.

3) Quartz Flooring: This is an all-natural flooring product that contains calcium carbonate and quartz sand. Quartz flooring is perfect for use in areas with high foot traffic and areas that undergo constant wear and tear.

It amplifies your aesthetic appeal and delivers excellent resilience. Once installed, it will survive the most demanding conditions while preventing the penetration of liquid, food droplets, dirt, or any other contamination that might ruin your subfloor.

How To Maintain Your Flooring

1) Proper Cleaning: The floor of your place will inevitably witness trash, feet, food, grease, etc., so it’s in your position to ensure that your flooring remains clean always.

Ensure you use the proper cleaning agent for the flooring in your diners/restaurant. Also, ensure you incorporate and familiarize yourself with good cleaning practices.

2) Control Moisture: Moisture impacts the floor significantly. Although you might not notice immediately, sooner than later, you’ll see its negative effect on your flooring.

Since your home, office, bar, etc, is subject to high moisture levels from natural humidity and cleaning, you must apply moisture control to protect your floors.

3) Anti-Slip Properties: No one wants to witness anyone slip and fall. If your flooring seems slippery, make sure you use the right anti-slip solution, or better still, you can add anti-slip coatings to make it less slippery.

On A Final Note;

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