It is no secret to anyone that getting land for real estate purposes can be an odyssey. The current economy is not at a notable increase, and although it is not in a bad state, the acquisition of land is not at its best. Luckily, and in a tactic very similar to that seen with the Homesteading Law of 1862, governments are offering free land in rural areas to reactivate them. If you want to get your free land in the United States, do not miss this guide.

Of course, we will not get any free land like those given in 1862, but despite being smaller, they are still free.

Where to get free land in the United States

Enjoy a picturesque space in Lincoln, Kansas

lin-1000x561 Where you can get free land in the United States

Almost as if it were a rural getaway, this Kansas free land is close to some important points of interest, such as sports areas and schools.

The terrain is specifically continuous to Interstate 70, so its design is a reduced subdivision. Beyond what can be done with the land, we have to consider the benefit of the tranquility that gives us to live in a town with only 3,500 citizens.

If you are interested in acquiring a free property in this small town, you must fill out a form on the following website.

Sleep peacefully in Marquette, Kansas

mar-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

Before any request, we must be aware that, unlike what we were offered at Lincoln, the application in this area has an important requirement, and that is to have to build a house within 120 days of the acquisition (in addition that the work must be completed in less than one year and you must live at least another year for the land to be yours). However, what this city offers at the level of security and school services is unique.

Start venturing in New Richland, Minnesota

new-rich-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

If we look for entrepreneurship opportunities, multiple free land in the United States has construction loan options.

New Richland is a quiet town (only 1,200 inhabitants), but it has certain high-class amenities, such as a golf course or bicycle fields.

The lots of lands that we can get have dimensions of 86 ‘x 133’, and again, there are certain conditions that we must follow to enjoy all the benefits. We must build a house in less than a year with certain specifications, but in this case, we will have the advantage that we will be granted a loan of $14,000 to cover the different water systems.

The loan will be covered in semi-annual installments for 15 years, and the rates are subject to change depending on our income. To begin with the procurement procedures, and obtain more information about the requirements, you must enter the following link.

Build with peace of mind in Mankato, Kansas

man-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

We continue with the land in Kansas, this time in a town of 900 people. The plots in Mankato are nothing of the other world, but the government gives us 2 years to be able to complete the construction works from the moment the deeds are signed (although at least we need to show a construction contract in the first 6 months).

They have 26 lots to select, but they all demand the same construction. The work must have a minimum of 1,200 square feet without counting the basement or garages, among other requirements that we can check from the website of the applications.

Whether as a merchant or as a citizen, we can get land in Osborne, Kansas

osb-1000x567 Where you can get free land in the United States

It is almost a fact that whenever we want to do business, we will get free land in the United States. For example, Osborne in Kansas offers us several alternatives to build shops and homes.

Acquiring land will require, in addition to filling in the corresponding documents, a $500 deposit as insurance. Do not worry, this will be returned when you meet the habitability requirements stipulated.

Among them are to build at least 1,400 square feet of land (at ground level, so basements are excluded), the construction period cannot exceed 12 months, and then you will have a maximum of 24 months to move. The rest of the information can be obtained on the official website.

If waiting lists do not bother you, you can try Plainville, Kansas

plan-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

We finish with the free land options in Kansas with this small 155 x 93-foot lot. The population is not as scarce as in other cities since it has 2,000 inhabitants, a situation that can explain why now they only have one plot available.

The way to participate for your property is through a list in order of arrival. Whoever is selected must pay an amount of $500 to reserve the land, which will be returned later. In this case, the house must have at least one solid foundation (modular ones are not discarded), so mobile homes are prohibited.

If in 18 months you can complete the construction of your home, then we invite you to participate in the acquisition of this land.

Options to rest in Curtis, Nebraska

cur-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

We can get good free land in Nebraska in almost any of its cities! We start with the Curtis offer. This perfect field for quiet retreats has many options for land already prepared to build.

By this, we mean that they have all the basic services installed in the different lots that we find on the website (additional points because they offer us a visual view of each lot).

We can even select one to the size we want. All options are gathered on the following web page.

A personal visit is required in Elwood, Nebraska

elwood-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

If you are close to this option, you can try to ask for information at the office in Elwood to know what is required to opt for free land.

According to the limited data they offer online, they currently have 10 lots that they can give for free, and the only construction requirement that is specified is that the buildings must be on a solid foundation, but they do not provide more information.

If you want to know how to contact them, you can visit their website.

Buy a plot depending on your income in Loup City, Nebraska

loup-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

There are times where we need some help to be able to pay for our home. Loup City offers two types of plans that will allow you to acquire land in an easy and personalized way.

The first alternative is the classic reservation based on market rates. That is, they will ask you for a monetary withholding (in this case, $1,000) to guarantee the plot, and after you finish building your house, they will return it to you.

The second alternative is ideal for those whose salaries are not so high. This is called Workforce Housing, and it is that we will be assisted with the initial payment of our home of up to $20,000 if our income is less than a minimum amount. This way we are guaranteed to finish building our home. An option that is appreciated to give us some security for our home, and whose information you can get from here.

An urbanized space in Beatrice, Nebraska

beatrice-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

The city of Beatrice is not a purely rural area. In fact, on the list, it is one of the most urbanized towns.

So why would a city that does not require new commercial premises or homes offer land for free? The answer is that the government does not want empty plots to deteriorate and cause a bad image of the city, and that is why they implemented their Homesteading law in 2010.

Although as we can see on its website, it applies more or less the same concept and requirements as other cities, where we will have to build our house in just one year, and in this case, we will have to live in it for at least 5 years. Of course, the demand is high, and currently, do not have available spaces, but it is worth checking occasionally.

We invite you to live in Marne, Iowa

marne-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

If we need a free government land, but we want to be able to select from several candidates, then Marne’s lots in Iowa have what we need. Their sizes are standard, with 80 by 120 feet, but the amount they have available is overwhelming.

Among the advantages of requesting land here are that they are not so demanding with the type of house that we must build. This must be conventional or modular and cover at least 1,200 square feet, and we have up to 18 months to finalize its construction.

Beforehand, you must fill out a form requesting one of these lots from the city, but due to the great publicity they made with them, we are sure it will be an easy acquisition.

That your savings are worth it in Manilla, Iowa

manilla-1-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States


A quiet life and where our salary allows us to give us many tastes is what Manilla has as a city. This small rural getaway invites us with the affirmation of being from the areas where the cost of living is lowest in the country, so our savings will serve for everything we need, and not just to pay for the house.

The only drawback is that we need to look for information on how to opt for one of these lots on our own since the website only offers us basic contact information.

A ready investment opportunity at Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio

cuyahoga-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

Well, this enters the list because there is not free land in Ohio, however, it is pertinent to highlight this offer that the government gives us.

If we are farmers, and we are interested in starting with a land and a home already prepared, the Ohio government is offering us a 60-year rental of between 9 and 12 acres of land with the housing equipment ready.

Depending on the number of plots we want, the price may vary between $500 and $1,000 per month, but all land is special for agricultural production. As you can see on their website, the number of requests sent by producers is incredible.

Become a pillar of development in Flagler, Colorado

flagler-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

Now we present this free land in Colorado. As we mentioned before, finding free land in the United States is easy as long as we are willing to work on it. In this case, the small town of Flagler is inviting businesspersons, in general, to open shops in industries on their land. The small town only has approximately 650 inhabitants, but it has all the basic services and some luxury services, such as high-speed internet connection.

It also has a great medical service, restaurants, different shops, and much more to discover in this town connected to Interstate 70. If you are interested in being part of the development of the city, you can get all the information on how to acquire a part of the 480 acres available.

Encouraging the workforce in Muskegon, Michigan

muke-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

Maybe we are not seeking for a home. Maybe what we are looking for is a land with industrial purposes where we can grow economically. Muskegon offers us a unique opportunity to earn money.

The city of almost 39,000 inhabitants requires entrepreneurs who wish to build service, raw material or food processing companies. Depending on the size and amount of jobs we can generate, the government will assign us a number of acres to develop.

Additionally, we will have multiple monetary and fiscal incentives for the installation of our industry to be prosperous. If you wish to purchase your lot in the so-called Michigan Renaissance Zones, do not hesitate to check the following link.

We continue with the options for entrepreneurs in Camden, Maine

camde-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

The coast is an ideal environment to work. Being able to feel the sea breeze with little effort is priceless, and in this case, the land offered for commercial purposes either.

Camden is a developing city with 4,000 inhabitants, so they are looking for entrepreneurs willing to invest in their land. As long as we can offer at least 24 jobs, the government is willing to give us 3.5 acres.

Ecological businesses will have preferences over other types of companies, although they are also interested in medical facilities, logistics services and food production in general. We can consult the entire development program from this website.

An alternative in the middle of nowhere in Anderson, Alaska

anderson-1000x600 Where you can get free land in the United States

Alaska is a beautiful place. Its mild climate throughout the year, its white winters, and the wonderful views of the sky thanks to the northern lights that form make it a magical place (as long as a little cold doesn’t bother us).

Anderson is a small community of just 300 people. The simple lifestyle they lead is so remarkable that they don’t even have supermarkets. Whether to live or to have a business opportunity, the lots they are offering have no loss.

They use the land insurance format at market value ($500) that will be returned once we finish the works, and currently have 26 plots of 1.3 acres each. If we intend to open a business, the city also exempts us from paying property taxes, state taxes and sales taxes.

The contact is made directly with Anderson’s town hall, who are proud to say that their small community is perfect for living.

More free land in the United States

If we are looking for a home, or if we are farmers, it is almost certain that we will find free land from the government where we can live. Do not be afraid to try to invest in one of these life projects. Even if we do not have the resources to build the house that is required of us, we can start asking for loans so as not to lose the opportunity to obtain the land.

If we dedicate ourselves to the life of a farmer, we can even forget to pay taxes and rent, as we can see in the advice offered by Mother Earth News. We can even be subsidized by the same USDA to create our farm.

Getting free land in the United States is possible in the 21st century

Do not be fooled, with hard work you can still acquire a free land now a day. Many of the options are small developing towns that are willing to accept new members in the community. Plan your movements and you can retire to a quiet life.

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