I know you are looking for bathroom color schemes and it isn’t easy to make up your mind when you are remodeling your bathroom.

This is why I want to help you with this article. I’ve been there and I know how difficult it is when you have to make a decision but don’t have enough inspiration.

Nowadays, the bathroom is a very important part of the residential area, because besides the primary function it must satisfy the high aesthetic criteria.

The modern lifestyle is the “culprit” leading to the fact that the bathrooms are converted into space for relaxation and rest after the tiring daily duties.

Another reason for that are the changes in the international markets that are dictating fashion trends when it comes to arranging the bathroom.

Modern and well-designed home means you have a well designed bathroom, with good functionality and aesthetic appeal.

After the kitchen, the bathroom in the house is the second technologically most demanding part of the home that should be approached extremely seriously when it comes to planning and arrangement of space.

When we talk about the dimensions of the bathrooms, the minimum size of the bathroom is about five square meters.

The smaller homes usually have smaller bathrooms, and in large homes where the space allows there are usually two bathrooms, while luxury concepting homes have even more bathrooms.

There are countless bathroom color combinations that primarily depend on the space available, the possibilities, desires, habits of use, and of course the budget.

Here we present to you some of the best bathroom color schemes.

Bathroom color schemes (a quick overview)

  • Soothing Blue
  • Cream and white
  • Energizing Orange
  • Cherry Red and white
  • Combinations with gray
  • Classic Neutrals
  • Amaranth and white
  • Contemporary Birch
  • Powdery Pink
  • Mint and white
  • Mahogany with white and gray tones
  • Black and white
  • Lavender and White
  • Midnight blue and white

Now let’s look at them in detail.

Wheel of Colors

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas5 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Built-Rite Remodeling LLC

When you are trying to redecorate something in your home, no matter if that is the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room or any other room, it is very important to use a wheel of colors.

You can be one such wheel, or you can find it on the internet and print it. It will help you to see which colors match and complement each other, and which not.

The colors that are directly one across the other on the wheel it is said to be complementary. The ones that are placed next to each other also combine well.

Buying a color wheel is 100% useful, and it will help you to avoid the creations of very intense and non-matching design.

Big bathroom color scheme

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas1 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Designer Shylo Preston

If you are lucky enough to have a house or an apartment with a large luxury bathroom, then you’ve probably already noticed how surprisingly difficult is to arrange and decorate that space.

A great idea for large bathrooms have freestanding bathtubs.

Here, the darker colors are welcomed for usage, but the larger colors are also recommended, especially for the smaller and decorative elements.

Small bathroom color scheme

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas3 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: PROjECT interiors + Aimee Wertepny

The small bathrooms are often painted in white or other light color, hoping to make them visually look bigger and brighter.

This works, but it can also look boring without character. If you want a unique bathroom and glamorous space, use stronger bathroom paint colors.

Bathrooms with little natural light are the perfect opportunity to add more intense color, for experiments on small wall spaces.

Using strong colors helps to create a dramatic yet intimate space. For the same effect, you can even use printed wallpapers.

Soothing Blue

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas2 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Anthony Baratta LLC

The blue color is a color of peace, inspiration, contemplation, spirituality and mystery. Above all, blue is the color of freshness.

Commonly used when decorating bathrooms because shades of blue give a feeling of open space and remind of water, which in turn creates a feeling of freshness.

With blue tiles in the bathroom great fit are other elements, details in blue, as holders for soap, towels, curtains, petals of dried flowers etc.,

But we should not exaggerate the number of blue details.

Cream and white

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas6 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: H&H Design

Not all people want to design their bathroom in colorful schemes.

If you are a part of the people that aim towards more traditional style of bathroom design, than the combination of cream and white bathroom colors is what you are looking for.

These neutral colors will surely bring a dose of freshness in your bathroom, and can be easily combined with details of any color.

Energizing Orange

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas7 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: van Ellen + Sheryn Architects

Due to the fact that it gives to the space energy and intensity, the color orange is ideal for bathroom decorating. It brings warmth and hospitality to the space.

By using vivid colors such as orange, in a room where there is not enough natural light, you will simultaneously achieve a visually bigger.

One way of combining the orange color is its use in combination with complementary blue, thus creating a really energetic space

Cherry Red and white

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas8 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Famosa – The Surface Studio

If you want to achieve a more interesting space with extra freshness and energy, adequate intake of cherry red is one possible solution.

Due to the intensity of the red color, many completely avoid it when decorating the interior. However, if it is not used in an enormous amount, very good results can be achieved.

You can use it for the walls, but let it be just one part of a wall because you can get a room that will act aggressively.

To minimize the aggressiveness the use of white accessories is recommended.

Combinations with gray

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas9 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Morgan Harris Architects Ltd

When the gray color is present, it is enough to bring a few elements, for example, a piece of furniture, fabric or some accessories object, with more light colors.

This will create accents in the bathroom and contrast which breaks up the monotony of gray. Amongst the great bathroom color ideas is to use the ivory color that will give extremely elegant note.

Classic Neutrals

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas4 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: C.P. Hart Bathrooms

We have to agree that the neutral bathroom colors are the best solution for modern interiors, since they can be combined with any style.

Whether the style of your bathroom is modern, traditional, eclectic or prefer rustic neutral background is ideal for you.

The soft hue makes even the smallest spaces feel luxurious and serene.

White and gray neutral walls allow the bathroom to look larger, airy and cleanNeutral colors such as taupe, beige and tan are classics.

They can be combined with black and white to create a more formal style.

Amaranth and white

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas10 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This It is a reddish-rose color that is very popular for indoor decorations. Use it in your bathroom color schemes and see how your bathroom will be brought to life.

Combine it whit white details and create a soft, gentle and feminine look.

Contemporary Birch

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas12 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Hart Wright Architects, AIA

Modern design brought a lot of innovation when it comes to equipping bathrooms.

Less frequently is used classical ceramic and sanitary ware and the usage of birch becomes bigger.The latest trend is the use of wooden materials in the bathroom.

So many are now made to the perfection that sometimes, simply, you can not to the nature of the difference between ceramics and the birch.

Equally good effect is achieved by coating the entire surface of the floor or the wall, or in combination with ceramic or stone.

If you love natural materials that provide warm ambient, then the birch in combination with ceramic tiles is the perfect choice for you.

You will be surprised how much warm atmosphere will the birch create in your bathroom.

Powdery Pink

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas11 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Robin Baron Design

Pink paint itself falls into the category of subtle colors. You can use it in many shades, as dominant or as a color for specific details.

Pink falls in the category of attractive, soft colors, and contributes to the restful atmosphere in the home.

If you combine lighter and darker shades, they can be just as sharp and dramatic, and as such provide the perfect effect.

Mint and white

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas13 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Designs by Cheryl

The mint and white color are very popular bathroom colors. It is a calming color particularly useful in bathrooms with small sizes.

Combined with white curtains and towels, and some silverfish details it will create a very sophisticated and modern bathroom, visually larger and with dose of freshness.

Mahogany with white and gray tones

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas14 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: Exquisite Kitchen Design

The mahogany color in the bathroom makes the area more vibrant and is recommended for larger bathrooms. If you add white or gray details, the bathroom will look elegant and modern, with a dose of romantic atmosphere.

Black and white

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas15 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: CID Interieur

There is no doubt that the power of black and white lies in their good contrasting combination.

Two opposites and the main stars of the simple, yet “trendy” combination – black and white – are suitable for all styles, from classic to modern to even those totally futuristic.

Different black and white combinations offer you countless opportunities for decoration – lovers of classical design will perhaps opt for covering the lower parts of the walls with black and white above the tiles or you can experiment with black and white stripes or mosaic, or even paint two of the walls white and two black.

When lining the walls, remember that horizontal stripes make rooms look longer.

If you decorate the white walls covered with vertical black lines, it is certain that your bathroom will look bigger.

If you opt for black the bathroom becomes strict and elegant, and white accessories and details will fit perfectly with the black background.

However, be careful because the black color visually reduces the space and can dominate only in large bathrooms.

Keep in mind that just black bathroom looks bleak, even if you have white accessories, carpet, furniture, or other details.

Lavender and White

Fresh-And-Popular-Bathroom-Color-Ideas16 Amazing bathroom color schemes you should haveImage source: LDa Architecture & Interiors

The lavender color is a good choice for those who use essential oils, scented candles and bubble baths in the bathroom.

If you want to create a spa setting, you should orient towards the white color. You can use white floors and walls, white fixed elements and even white towels.

This combination of white and lavender color will give the “cleanest” and freshest look to your bathroom.

Midnight blue and white

You can never get wrong when incorporating elements of the nature in your bathroom design. The midnight blue color really loves white stripes.

Dark blue bathrooms with a dose of creamy white tones express purity, creating a striking bathroom color scheme. You can add a few white details on the tiles, or use white towels and rugs.

In this kind of scheme green, gray and black tones are also welcomed.


The color in the bathroom has a very important role in the interior of the home. It can create a special place for relaxation, refreshment, and enjoyment.

Therefore, the colors are very often more vital than the expensive elements and can completely change the appearance of the bathroom.

The colors of the walls, sanitary ware, tiles, bathroom furniture, and details such as pictures, flowers, towels make coloristic solutions for bathrooms.

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