Investing in an RV can be one of the best things you do in life. If you are an adventurer who likes to go out and about to explore the world and what it offers, then living a minimalistic life onboard your recreational vehicle can be the perfect thing for you. Part of what can make your experience aboard the RV smoother is having an organized space where you can move around freely yet still have everything you need. Since your vehicle’s kitchen is likely going to be used heavily to prepare meals as you are on the road all day, you should spend some time thinking about how you can organize that space. Here are some space-saving ideas for your RV kitchen that can come in handy if you are on the road full-time.

1.  Curtain Rods as Hangers

When you are packing up kitchen essentials for your RV, you will find that you need different utensils to cook and eat, yet there is only likely to be very limited space on the vehicle. A simple way to overcome this issue and still take all your essentials with you onboard is by getting a curtain rod and hanging it in your RV kitchen. Using a curtain rod allows you to hang all your utensils on it wasting no space. Curtain rods can be as long as you need them to be, and they are often sturdier than any other types of regular rods so that you can hang as many utensils as you need without worrying about the rod snapping in half along with all your essentials. You can even get over one rod and hang various items all over your kitchen and the rest of the RV, depending on how much stuff you need to have without worrying about space.

2.  Stackable Bowls

In order to have a functioning kitchen where you can cook all your meals indoors, you need to have a set of different-sized bowls to mix and prepare your food. Considering RV kitchens are usually pretty small, and you need small RV kitchen accessories to work in your cooking space, invest in some stackable bowls to prepare all your food with ease. Stackable bowls come in a variety of different sizes so that you can use them for whatever you need when preparing your food while on the vehicle, and you can wash them pretty easily afterward and stack them one inside the other to save space. You would not need a shelf or bowl rack to place them back in as you can just place them all together inside one another and put them next to the sink or over any assigned shelf or box you have for your cutlery.

3.  Containers and Baskets

The key to having an organized RV kitchen where you are using all the space you have efficiently is to have enough space for storage after using your kitchen utensils and pans. It can be a good idea to invest in a couple of containers and baskets of suitable sizes to place under the sink or in any available space you have in the RV to store all your kitchen belongings after using them. These baskets and containers can also come in handy when storing cleaning gadgets like towels and oven cleaners in a safe space where you can easily find them.

4.  Magnetic Racks

Cooking delicious food means having enough spices to season all your meals properly. In order to ensure you have all the spices you need with you on your RV without wasting too much space with bottles of seasoning lying around everywhere you look, you can hang a large magnetic rack on one of your vehicle’s walls and get some metal spices bottles to attach to the rack. This way, you can have all the seasoning you want in one place and enjoy a space-saving hack like no other. A magnetic rack or bar can also be great for hanging your knives and scissors in one place to save space and have them handy whenever you need them.

2-3 Full Time’s- Top 4 Kitchen Space Savers

Being a full-time RV tenant can be quite exciting. The best way to make the most of your time onboard your RV as you go exploring the world around you is to have home-cooked meals wherever you go. Considering the main thing you need to enjoy freshly cooked meals on your RV every day is an organized and functioning kitchen, make sure you invest in space-saving gadgets that will make your life easier and more practical. Remember to read reviews on different items before making your purchase so that you can get the best possible deals.

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