Back in the days when we were growing, the playing area was our backyard, but the last years have changed this habit. Nowadays, families focus on practical solutions, such as outdoor kitchens and game rooms, and that shouldn’t surprise us.

After all, children nowadays don’t even know about hide and seek, and prefer buffing and rolling balls where they can play video games, and enjoy a private gawking corner for their entertainment.

Game room designs come handy even for older, passionate gamers, who simply pick an area back home, and transform it into a comfortable haven full of technology assortments.

Most of the time, the ‘haven’ is only a console with a relaxing couch and a computer, but there are certain cases in which people overcome themselves with game room designs.

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You will be surprised by how house game room ideas can create virtual worlds, and you will simply wish to have one of your own.

But how to setup a gaming room everybody will envy you about? Read our tips about small game room decorating ideas, and you will see that the process is simpler than you thought.

Things to put in a game room

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Unlike living rooms and bedrooms where there are commodity concepts to follow, your gaming room is a genuine private haven where you are allowed to bring anything you like.

Buy furniture and fabrics that have your favorite sports team logo on them, display your large collection of hats, memorabilia, or posters, or simply choose a theme you like and follow it.

The range is unlimited: it can be a kid-friendly, kitschy, masculine, or retro room – everything that suits your mood and your personality is highly welcomed!

Whatever you’ve chosen to do is going to look tasteful, be it a Clue clone for Agatha Christie admirers, or a Texas Hold’Em sheet for poker players. Bring your biggest passion on board, and experiment with it!

Size matters

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Before bringing whatever idea to daylight, think of the size you have at your disposal.

Dimensions are not prescribed by rule, but in the ideal case you should transform a normal room which is nether too small or too large.

Consider that you will need enough space to place a TV and a gaming console, the same as a couch or a comfy armchair where you would relax.

At the end of the process, you should have just enough space to prevent the TV from damaging your sight, but enough elements to make sure the place doesn’t look empty.

Balancing like this can be challenging, but it is the only way to ensure that there will be nothing to distract you while playing.

A masculine gaming room

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More often than rare, it will be boys that require a separate playing room.

The good news is that these rooms usually follow the same concept – they need to be warm and welcoming, with a pool table placed next to the dartboards and the media center.

For adults, we also recommend a small bar where they can host their guests, and smart cabinetry storage for their games, accessories, barware, DVDs, and so on.

The style

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Game rooms should be everything but calming, pastel-painted areas, which is why you should skip neutral walls, elaborate brocades and accents, and ‘matchy’ furniture scenarios.

Playful is exactly the word that describes game rooms and invites you to combine a variety of natural materials (metal, bamboo, leather, wood, and so on), and think of weathered architecture and deliberately executed rusted signs that will make them more personal.

The only rule is that there are no rules at all!

If you want the game room to be more masculine, think of how such ambiance can be achieved, and add hunter green lampshades in a rusty red wall setting with a couple of brass accents.

The way you’ve imagined it now, it may look strange or outdated, but it will certainly look better than a comfy white and lavender zone where a man can’t really feel comfortable.

Multipurpose furniture

A game room is an easy-to-outgrow one, so make the investment as low as possible. The best way to do this is to pick some light pieces with multiple purposes such as storage ottomans or rolling chairs.

Audio considerations

A game room must be fully audio-enabled with at least a couple of powerful speakers to channelize sound for an awesome experience.

Luckily, the market offer is robust: you can choose 2.1 channel systems for smaller rooms, or 5.1, 7.1, and even 9.1 ones for larger spaces. If you’re on a budget, The Product Analyst has some great recommendations of under-300 soundbars. A soundbar system would be an excellent addition so you can have an immersive movie or gaming experience.

A TV stand you can adjust and configure

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Remember the TV and the consoles are the central elements you’ll bring to your gaming room, so keep them accessible and well organized.


Recliners, or as they are otherwise known la-z-boys and bean bags are compulsory for every gaming room. You need them in order to relax while playing, or taking a short nap before moving to the next level.

Organized cables

An unfortunate consequence of using modern technology is that we have to deal with an immense cable and cord clutter, which is why you should consider buying some of the popular organization solutions designed specifically for gaming rooms.


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We already mentioned sound as an important consideration in a gaming room, but what is even more important is to protect the rest of your family and neighbors from the noise pollution you’re about to create.

Before you’ve brought whatever element inside, hire a contractor to soundproof the room, or think of noise-absorbing installations you can do yourself.

We recommend insulating foam layers or specifically designed noise control drywalls, which nevertheless may require a professional touch.

What can also be helpful are thick carpets and curtains, while you can even purchase standalone acoustic panels to absorb the sound.

Remotes for your multimedia

Don’t forget that movement in a room full of technology will be complicated, so make sure you have remotes for all of your hardware.

Lighting considerations

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Many people think lighting is not a priority issue for a gaming room, but they are wrong.

While it is true you should avoid making your gaming haven too bright, you should ensure there will be at least a basic access to light, and even more few stylish solutions.

Remember to place fixtures in areas where they will be most needed, or opt for the ideal projector setting that will keep the room completely lit/darkened when necessary, and have a remote by hand to control the atmosphere.

A basic tip you probably already know is to avoid putting light opposite to the TV.

Case storage solutions for CD/DVD albums

Passionate gamers of today don’t really keep CDs in their game rooms, but prefer to download the online version of their games and play it with other people.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact hardcore gaming is a physically applicable art that will involve a number of DVDs and CDs to store or display.

The problem will be a piece of cake for amateur collections that can be stored in a simple album, but large ones will certainly require a case where you can either hide them or display them.

Wireless routers

Most people nowadays use routers for wireless connectivity to the Internet, but the concern for gamers is much more serious: they need a really powerful and dedicated gaming network whose function won’t be compromised or slowed down.

Therefore, consider a whole new router for your gaming room.

A custom beverage area

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Eventually, backgammons will parch you, and you will need a drink to refresh. The same goes for the guests you’re planning to invite and entertain, so make sure there is an area where you can store spirits and prepare some quick snacks.

Creative ideas for a unique gaming room

Comfortable hangout zones

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The reason why you’re investing money and energy into decorating your gaming room with cool palettes and game signals is that you want playfellows to admire it, so make sure there are enough comfy seating options to accommodate them.

Basement gaming rooms

An Aquarian is a really interesting way to reflect your gaming personality, which is why every room of this kind would suit one. Aquarians are pretty self-sufficient in terms of entertainment and can do the same for you and your friends.

A retro flare

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If you want a retro and fun mood for your gaming room, think of blue and red palettes, and contemporary track lighting that will divide different areas.

Tips for foosball fans

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Why would you switch a cool gaming room for a classical office? We recommend you to bring an old-but-cool foosball table, and even to install a Lucite swing somewhere close to the windows to make it more visually attractive.


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For people with multiple hobbies, a simple gaming room won’t be enough.

Readers, for instance, can make it cozier and smarter with packed bookcases, and a central 40-50-inch table where 4 people can either read or play a board game.

Remember that proper lighting is essential in this scenario.

Hidden storage

HGTV’s Cousins Undercover showed us one of the best family room ideas tailored for board games, where an apparently small dining table opens in the middle to reveal a small fortune of gaming pieces and accessories.

Modern gaming rooms for families

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We bet you have a rumpus room in the house, or an unused garage or roof cavity that serves absolutely no purpose.

What we suggest is to transform it into a lovable board-gaming haven, where family members and friends can gather to have fun and spend time together.

Depending on the space you have available, you can bring a pool table, ping pong table, a dartboard, or even a foosball table – whatever the game is, you will love it.

You can check out interesting games to play with your friends on They have lots of options there.

Final thoughts

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Gaming rooms are one of those rare places you’ll get to decorate without rules, so give your creativity some wings, and bring up the craziest of your ideas.

Everything is allowed – you can have your own get-together retro garage, a home-based Tiki bar, a poker room, or even your private theater!

As long as you know what you want and how to achieve it, odds are good you’re on the way to creating the comfiest room you’ve ever had. For an even better effect, consider colorful murals, wall decals, or metal signs, or maybe even some creative ceiling art.

For your own pleasure, store some food and drinks in a small bar, and accommodate yourself in a cool bar stool lit by an even cooler neon light. Your family and your friends will love it too!

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