Contrary to popular belief, homes can constantly be improved upon. Even if you think you’ve reached the end of the road with your home’s interior design, there’s always something else you can do to make the home feel of higher value. So, what are the tricks of this particular trade?

Well, certain furniture can go a long way in making a home feel more upmarket. As the value of property is an area of uncertainty for now, changing the fittings and fixtures of your home might just help you feel more in control of your homes marketable appeal.

Consequently, here’s some of the furniture that can make your home feel more upmarket.

Console Tables

Furniture can feel somewhat generic and expected in a home. For example, no one is going to be surprised by a coffee table featuring in a living room. Of course, such an arrangement won’t detract from a home’s quality feel, but all the same, an upmarket home utilises furniture in fresh and creative ways.

For example, a console table from Cox & Cox would work perfectly in a hallway or landing area. They’re big enough to place some flowers, small photographs or other keepsakes on, but small enough to not get in the way. Try and utilise the spaces in a home that’re traditionally quite bare (hallways and landings); that way, every inch of your house will have some character injected into it and no wasted space.

Quality Sofas

There’re sofas, and then there’s amazing sofas. To land that upmarket feel with your seating arrangements, you need quality couches that can seat multiple people at a time, perhaps upwards of three persons. The more, the merrier, because homes that’re traditionally upmarket tend to the ones that can entertain numerous guests. Part of that is giving people somewhere to sit!

Cotton and linen tend to work best on the fabric side of things too. You also might get away with leather, depending on if it’s featured in more pleasant colours; such as creams and whites. There’s a lot of room to experiment here, but going big and bold is the sure-fire way to secure that upmarket aesthetic you’re gunning for.

Oak Drawers and Sideboards

Everyone’s got a drawer or sideboard in one form or another. However, like the sofas, it’s the materials used to craft them that count for a lot here. Varnished wood and oak can wonders here, because it makes the furniture appear more pristine, polished and refined. You just can’t go wrong!

Obviously, having additional storage also means there’ll be less clutter and mess around the house. Everything can be stored neatly away, freeing up significant amounts of room in your home. When everything is spotless with slick and stylish storage, that upmarket impression is guaranteed.