Like most things, furniture styles tend to evolve over time. We’ve certainly come a long way since the retro-futurist decor styles of the 1960s, for example. This article will take a look at some furniture trends to keep our eye on this year. So read on to learn how you can keep your home on trend in 2021.

2-5 Furniture Trends to Look for in 2021

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Living Room Trends

Though typically a high-traffic area in your home built for gatherings, the living room has taken on different responsibilities as of lately. As we may continue to find ourselves hanging out in the living room a little bit more, it deserves some love in 2021. These are some trends we foresee:

●        Going Bold: Spruce up your living room space with a few statement furniture pieces. Couches or chairs with striking colours and rustic industrial looks with burnished gold accents and natural wood will add unique character to your space. In terms of patterns, faux marble looks and geometric fabric lines will be making a splash in 2021.

●        The Natural Look: Natural colours, textures, and materials may start making more appearances in the living room. Woven wool rugs for comfort and warmth, and natural-looking wood coffee tables are just a few ways to incorporate this trend with timeless materials.

●        Gallery Walls: 2021 is the time to embrace the full-wall gallery walls to tell stories. Investing in wall art creates a curated vibe that will transcend any trend and really bring personality to your space.

3-2 Furniture Trends to Look for in 2021

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Bedroom Trends

The bedroom is the more personal space in the home. As such it’s one that you’ll really want to make your own. These are some trends and ideas to take your bedroom into 2021:

●        Make your bed the star of the show: Your bed should be the first thing you see as you enter the room. More than one key piece and they’ll start competing for attention. Make your focal piece captivating so that it’s something to enjoy looking at. Vibrant colours, striking patterns and interesting shapes are all things to consider when choosing a statement bed.

●        Go for eclectic glamour: The latest take on luxury living sees radiant finishes and exquisite patterns. Opt for unique bedside tables, regal looking lamps and lustrous floor rugs.

●        Try the eco look with wood: Wood dressers, chests, side tables and bed frames always offer a timeless look that will continue to be a great aesthetic for 2021.

4-1 Furniture Trends to Look for in 2021

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Other Trends To Look Out For

Of course there are more rooms in your home than just the living room and bedroom. We’ve listed some trends below to help you show the other rooms in your home some love in 2021.

  • The informal dining room: 2020 greatly changed the way we live. The dining room became a multi-functional room, doubling as a workspace in many cases. For this reason, the rules will continue to break in the dining room. Think of pairing modern chairs with a traditional wood table. Or maybe a classic crystal chandelier over an industrial dining table, with bench seating.
  • The rise of the home office: Obviously the past year has seen the phenomenon of the home office explode like never before. This trend is likely here to stay and with it come new home office decor possibilities. Again, wooden desks and other furniture with open textures will create an environment where it is easy to breathe and enjoyable to work. Try tossing in some vintage items like typewriters, classic alarm clocks or book clips.

In With The New

2020 has been a year like no other, but, we’re ready to look to the future when it comes to home decor. With a little motivation and creativity, you can transform any room in your home and get started on those New Year’s trends. Be sure to visit for some fresh furniture and decor inspiration.

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