Aside from being an essential part of your garage, your garage door also plays an important role in your entire property. A properly-maintained garage door can enhance the insulation in your home, which can result in lower energy bills in the long run. A well-functioning garage door can also guarantee safety and security because it can keep intruders out of your property.

A garage door is very functional, but using the same one throughout the years can eventually make your property less appealing. Regardless of the materials used, the appearance of your garage door will inevitably deteriorate over time. Continuing to use a damaged or worn out garage door can put your own and family’s safety at risk, and even become the reason why your investment will lose its value.

Aside from working with professionals, such as Discount Garage Door, for all of your garage door maintenance and repair needs, you can also follow these garage door ideas to ensure that your home looks impressive:

  1. Try Out A Pergola Project

Traditionally, a pergola is an archway that is covered with trailing or climbing plants, and has support cross-beams wherein woody vines are trained to grow. Although a pergola is usually used in gardens and parks, this outdoor furniture can also look good when added to your garage door.

Adding a pergola to your garage door might be a simple upgrade, but this can effectively add elegance to the facade of your property. Depending on the plants you’re planning to use, a pergola can be an affordable and easy project that you can complete during one weekend. The more creative you are in the materials you’ll use for your pergola, the more money you can save from the project.

To add a pergola to your garage door, you just need to use a couple of lumber, build the structure on your workbench, and, then, screw the structure using brackets. You can also purchase kits from local stores that contain all of the necessary materials and supplies for a pergola if you want to finish the project as fast as possible.

  1. Hang Flower Baskets Around Your Garage Door

Adding plants is one of the easiest yet effective ways of improving the ambiance of your property. Aside from bringing more color to your space, plants and other types of greeneries also work as natural filters that can provide you and your family with cleaner air. Plants can also give your home different looks throughout the year, especially if you opt for flowers that bloom during a specific season.

If you want to experience the wonders plants could do to your garage door, hang flower baskets around the area. This project is cheap, as you can make all of your containers from scratch and use a plant that suits your lifestyle or budget. As long as you have the patience and time for this project, it won’t be long before your garage door will look new through these flower baskets.

For this project, make sure to choose a wire basket that allows you to access the sides. This way, you’ll be able to water and trim your plants with ease. As for the soil, reach out to the commercial growers in your area and ask for their recommendations. More often than not, these professionals will recommend a lightweight mix that contains all of the vital nutrients for your hanging plants to grow. It’s also important to use plant fertilizers to ensure that your flowers will stay healthy all year long.

Now that you know what kind of container, soil, and fertilizer to use, it’s time to choose the plants to place inside your flower baskets. If direct sunlight hits your garage door, you can consider planting bacopa, calibrachoa, or petunias in your flower baskets. However, if your garage doors are placed in shaded areas, hanging baskets of begonia, impatiens, lobelia, and lamium might be more appropriate.

  1. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Being a homeowner entails costs. Once you’ve purchased a property, you have to exert time and effort in cleaning the area regularly and maintaining its efficacy. What good is a home if all the fixtures are not working properly, right?  Fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank just to enhance how your garage door looks because applying a new coat of paint can do the trick.

If you’re leaning towards this direction, you can pick a color that complements your home’s exterior or choose something that will stand out. If your home’s exterior is painted in different shades of grey, you can consider using a lighter or darker shade of grey for your garage door. If you want your garage door to become the focal point of your property, choose an eye-catching color, such as bright blue or red.

Once you’ve chosen paint color, roll up your sleeves and spend some time to thoroughly clean the surfaces of your garage doors. You can use a sandpaper to roughen these up, then apply a coat of primer afterward. Leave the primer overnight, and once it dries up, you can now apply your desired paint color.

  1. Accent Your House Numbers

It’s typical for homeowners to want their properties to stand out. You’ve spent a lot of money on buying the property you own right now, which is why you’d always want yours to be different. This is especially true if you’re currently living in a village or subdivision wherein the homes are almost identical.

One of the easiest ways to make your home stand out is to accent your house number on your garage doors. This creative and functional idea will make your property very different, as house numbers are usually displayed on the porch and front door.

If you think your garage door is too dull and boring, add a pop of color by sticking your house numbers on it. Since garage doors are usually large and painted in one color, it’s best if you choose house numbers painted in a contrasting color. If you have a white garage door, neon and bright colors are great options. House numbers made from metal will stand out when placed on a wooden or textured garage door.

Depending on your preference, you can place your house numbers in one straight line and maintain a modern look, or try something fun by forming a slanting line. The options are limitless – you just have to be resourceful and creative to successfully carry out the project.

  1. Update The Hardware Of Your Garage Door

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money just to give your garage door an upgrade. Making small changes to your garage door will certainly go a long way, not only in improving its appearance but its functionality, as well.

If you want your home to look impressive, update the hardware of your garage door. A new set of garage door handles will only cost less than $20, but with the right design and color, this small change can create a big and lasting impression.

  1. Install Outdoor Lighting

Even though a garage door is an expensive investment, homeowners like you still choose to have one installed as this can provide convenience. A fully-functional garage door makes it very easy for you to drive and park your vehicle. If you’re using your garage other than parking your vehicle, a garage door can warrant your own and your family’s safety. Having a garage door will give you peace of mind knowing that your workstation or entertainment area is safe from any type of danger present outside.

For your garage to remain functional even during nighttime, install different types of outdoor lighting. This upgrade will help you see in the dark and highlight some of your home’s best features during the night. With the right outdoor lighting, your garage and your property will stand out from the neighborhood and earn the positive responses of passers-by.

When choosing outdoor lighting to better highlight your garage door, take note of the following tips:

  • Pay attention to the size: When choosing outdoor lighting for your garage door, avoid choosing a model that is too small. A small outdoor lighting fixture only provides a limited amount of light and can become the reason why you’ll have a hard time seeing in the dark. This is especially important if you usually operate your garage door during the night.

A general rule to follow when picking the right size of outdoor lighting is to look for a model that is about one-quarter to one-third of the height of your garage door. When installed on either side of your garage door, the power of these outdoor lighting fixtures is sufficient to keep your space well-lit.

If you’re planning on installing outdoor lighting over the top of your garage door, make sure that it provides light that spreads out evenly. These lighting fixtures should provide illumination to the entire width of your driveway.

  • Consider the placement and quantity: All outdoor lighting fixtures work the same way, but this doesn’t mean that you can impulsively pick any model and have it immediately installed to your garage door.

For a single-car garage, one outdoor light is sufficient as long as you place it between the garage and your house. If you’re looking for options, you can use one or two outdoor lights to be placed across the top of your garage door. You can also try out using two smaller outdoor lightings and place them on either side of your garage door.

If your garage can safely house two cars, invest in outdoor wall lights and have them placed at each side of your garage door, and have another one in the middle. This combination will make your exteriors well-lit without going overboard.

For a three-car garage or anything that’s larger, use decorative garage lights and place them on top of each garage door. This placement will ensure that your entire garage is well-lit and that the area creates a nice presentation. Just make sure that these lanterns are placed high over your garage door to avoid any inconvenience when driving your car or when you’re using the space.

  • Determine your legal limits: Being a homeowner can be demanding because aside from the financial resources, you also have to be careful with the things you’ll do with your property as these can result in legal repercussions. The outdoor lighting you choose for your garage door shouldn’t be too bright that it already casts an undesirable illumination towards other person’s properties.

You can avoid taking any risks by knowing the outdoor lighting restrictions in your area first before deciding to install any. For you to make your home look impressive through the outdoor lighting you’ll install to your garage, spend some time reaching out to your local building inspector and zoning board.

  • Look for energy-efficient lights: Your role as a homeowner doesn’t end once you’re able to improve how your garage door and property looks; you have to make sure that all of the changes you’ve made will be useful in the long run. What good is revamping your garage door if it doesn’t impact your daily routine or lifestyle?

To avoid paying expensive energy bills, look for outdoor lighting fixtures that are energy-efficient. If possible, only use LED (light-emitting diode) or CFL (compact fluorescent) as these can help you save money on maintenance costs while keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

Work With The Pros

There are many ways on how you can make the most out of your garage door. Aside from making sure that it continues to serve its purpose, you can tick off the items from the list to revamp how your garage door looks like. Once done right, these upgrades will eventually affect the value and appearance of your property.

But, as a homeowner, remember that you can only do so much with your garage door. If you suspect that your garage door has problems, ask the help of professionals right away. Never attempt to fix your garage door by yourself as this can only do more harm than good.