There are many ways to prepare a home to sell to get the best deal possible. This article discusses some of the methods that could help you maximize the return on your investment when you decide to sell your house.

The first step in the selling process is to get your house ready for sale. Knowing how you want things done can make the process go much smoother and save you money. If you’d prefer a quick sale without the extra work, companies like Big Easy Buyers in New Orleans buy houses ‘as-is’ so there’s no need to thoroughly clean up before selling. Some of the items to be done before putting your house up for sale include:


Make sure every room in your house is clear of any unnecessary clutter. It will make rooms appear larger than they are and could draw potential buyers’ attention to ways they could use space differently in their own homes.

Get rid of junk

Sell or throw away anything that is junk. Old magazines, broken toys, and other things that do not serve any purpose should be removed. Make a point to keep every tabletop, countertop, and shelf neat and tidy at all times.

Repairs and maintenance

Make repairs and replace things that need replacing, such as leaky faucets and broken appliances, which can save you money in the long run. If you can do the work yourself, you can save the money of hiring someone else to do it for you. It is also a good thing to have some of your skills, so you will be able to handle them by yourself when a problem occurs again.

Paint the front door

The front door is the first thing buyer walks by when they approach your home. A dirty or faded front door can deter potential buyers from coming to your house. The paint on the front door should match the color scheme of the rest of the exterior, while also coordinating with the color and style found as you step inside.

Clean the house

A dirty place can turn off potential buyers. Be sure to clean the walls, floors, and furniture with multiple applications of cleanser. Use disinfectant wipes when cleaning countertops and other surfaces. You also ensure that windows are clean of any fingerprints and there are no cobwebs or dust bunnies in the corners of rooms. You should also clean the air ducts, roof, and gutters.


Make sure that your house is moderately furnished. If your current furniture decor is old or outdated, consider putting it in storage and staging the property with rented pieces. Staging is a very common practice these days, with companies specializing in helping you pull it off. We’ve written about home staging tips in the past, so consider giving them a look too!

Detail the yard

Having a clean, well-kept yard. It will look nice when buyers approach the house and make your house look like a home. Plant some flowers, wash the windows and mow the lawn. You can also trim any overgrown bushes and get rid of weeds.

Add value to the property

You can add value to your house by increasing things like a home theater system, adding a stylish bathroom, or putting in a pool. Adding things like these can help improve resale value when you decide to sell your home in 2022.

Get an inspection done

Get your house inspected by a qualified contractor before putting it up for sale. They will check on wiring, plumbing, and exterior issues that could detract buyers. A well-done inspection could help your home appear better and increase the amount you get for your home.


You should also purchase a general real estate listing and use it in multiple places. People who want to buy a home will check listings before looking in person, so having one will make your property stand out when people are searching online.


A well-prepared home can save you money. Simple things like making sure everything works correctly and furnishing the house can help you sell your home for a better price when it is time to put it up for sale in 2022.

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