Winter is not simply arriving in the surroundings. It is already on our doorsteps, asking us to light the fireplace, to put on a sweater and to enjoy. However, preparing for the upcoming winter is more than a wardrobe switch. You should also consider adjusting your home.

Winter is all about coziness, holidays and positive feelings. Could you imagine a nicer December evening than the one spent invoking childhood memories around a glittering Christmas tree? Indeed, winter is a home-focused season and we have a list of tips on converting home into a comfort fairytale. Ready to begin?

Ultramarine Shades

Is there a better color to welcome the snowy season?

It’s true, ultramarine feels like the most welcoming of all blue shades. This shade is usually connected with strong, bold feelings and it will fit perfectly with your romantic moments.

The Cozier, The Better

Appropriate fabrics and textures are a very important feature of winter magic. This season is the exact time to give yourself some ‘seasonable treat’ and to cuddle with few fluffy blankets. Warmth is equally visible as it is tangible, so make sure your place looks like a proper winter corner. Think about refreshing your beds with some fur, wool or velvet. Throw few mushy pillows, drape puffy rugs and enjoy.

33 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Soelberg Industries

Assuming you’ve saved appropriately for seasonal shopping, you could even decorate your bed with fancy cashmere covers. Have in mind that the ‘fabric rule’ applies to the entire house and not all of the ‘snug goods’ should remain in your bedroom.

43 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Tucker & Marks

Inspire Some ‘Hidden Log-cabin” Feelings

A log-cabin effect can be easily achieved by introducing more wood to your interior design schemes. A timber desk or foldable coffee tables are an excellent and affordable choice, which will make turn your living room into a charming getaway. For those fortunate enough to have a proper fireplace, we recommend a rustic log arrangement. Feels homely, doesn’t it?

A Softness Touch

Soft and fluffy carpets make a serious contribution to the feeling of warmth inside your living place. They look elegant and welcoming and create the illusion that coldness is miles away from your home.

54 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Valerie Wilcox: Photographer

Hardwood floored homes can be supplemented with warm, fluffy rugs set in front of the fireplace. It is indeed a wholly new level of winter pleasure!

Wooden Furniture And Accessories

Enriching your living space with wooden furniture is always the right choice. Wood is a natural material, equally applicable for beautiful decorations and warmth worth furnishing. No wonder it is the ‘trademark’ of log cabins!

63 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Alexander Pollock Interiors

Choose New Curtains

Thin and transparent curtains are an excellent choice for the summer season when there is a lot of sun to be distributed inside. During winter, however, we wish to keep warmth around us and to stay away from the freezing and blurry sky.

73 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Siemasko + Verbridge

Therefore, we should consider hanging a pair of Christmas-printed curtains and heavy drapes. It is a move which will instantly change the entire appearance of our living space, but will also inspire a feeling of protection.

For those who prefer simplicity to traditional decorations, we recommend warm and vivid tones, such as rosewood, venetian red or mulberry purple.

A Luxurious Touch In The Bedroom

Bedroom elegance is especially important during winter. You can always improve the ‘winter touch’ in the sleeping area by introducing various bedding layers, warm covers and fluffy pillows. The atmosphere can also be enriched by trendy furniture and few silvery-white accessories.

83 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Highmark Builders

However, there might be some side effects-You might feel strongly tempted to skip work and to remain in bed.

The Fireplace: A ‘Must Have’ Asset For The Winter Season

Is there anything better than spending crispy evenings in front of a bursting fireplace? We would say no-nothing compares to the delicate nostalgia of drinking hot chocolate and reading a romantic book in the firelight!

93 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Bosworth Hoedemaker

Installing a fireplace in your living room is an ultimate winter solution, not just because it looks adorable, but also because it is more pocket-friendly in comparison to other heating devices. Even when it is not applied, a fireplace has a powerful, warming appearance. You can feel equally tranquil surrounded by the glow of few aromatic candles.

Prepare Your Blanket Bunker

Regardless of how beautiful, breathtaking or landscaping winter can be, its main association is coldness. Ensuring we are warm is still the most important preparation procedure.

102 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: Lovelace Interiors

As we acknowledge there are many among you who are not the biggest fans of heavy sweaters (or moving around in the cold), we recommend you to purchase few extra blankets for your living room.
Thermo sensitive people would agree that a blanket is more than a cover-it is your best friend, whom you can wear and drape wherever you’re planning to sit and relax.

Fix The Drafty Windows

Cold winters can turn into real nightmares for the pocket of those, who haven’t installed energy-efficient windowing. With a drafting window, your home will remain exposed to the coldness and heating will seem completely inefficient.

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Therefore, it is the time for you to take over and do a simple sealing job on the window cracks. One hour of polystyrene padding or plastic tapping will cost far less than extra heating and it will keep the heat inside.

Balance The Whiteness With Vivid Colors

Winter’s fairytale whiteness looks best when balanced with fervent and bold colors. Therefore, it is not a great idea to replicate the blanched atmosphere inside, as it will also bring a feeling of severity and coldness.
It doesn’t mean that you have to remove your favorite white accessories. Styrofoam snowflakes, pine cones or glittering logs are still welcomed, as long as you inspire some life-energy by contrasting them with vibrant purple, fire orange or cherry red tones.

Warm Lighting

Don’t forget that winter is a sun-deficient season which will require some serious lighting creativity. The inviting ambient of your living room has to be supplemented with efficient luminous solutions, such as reflecting lamps or large candles.

Golden Décor

Whatever you do, make sure your home inspires a completely different atmosphere than the one of dull and foggy weather. For the purpose, we recommend you to complement your holiday decoration with golden accessories and to make sure it looks glamorous, festive and extravagant.

Leave The Coldness Outside

Despite of the awesomeness of your decoration plans, you have to be aware that they come second on winter’s ‘to-do-list’. The first thing is to insulate from the coldness and to keep heat inside for as long as possible.
Don’t lose more time!Check the leaks on your windows and doors, light the fire and ensure you have enough blankets around.

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This type of precaution will help you to enjoy more and receive smaller energy bills at the same time.

The Exterior Is Equally Important As The Interior

16 Getting Your House Ready For WinterImage source: SAVOIE Architecture

Once you have checked there are no problems inside, take a walk around the house and estimate the condition of its structure. The first thing to ensure is that the roof is sound, all the bricks are in place and there is no severe damage on the drainage and the air vents. Finally, pay attention to the guttering and estimate whether it can sustain heavy rainfall.