The challenges global climate change poses to humanity and the planet should not be underestimated. The costs to the planet of our energy production alone could be devastating to the prosperity of future generations. Even if you don’t consider climate change a concern, the increasing costs of energy are affecting us all now.

Why Go Green at Home?

Making your home more energy efficient, and maybe generating some of your own energy is a fantastic way to save the planet and your money. There are a lot of cost-effective steps any homeowner can take to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills at the same time, and many will pay for themselves very quickly with hundreds of pounds saved in the first few years.

Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery Systems

Heat pumps are a new technology that has become very popular lately. Used in conjunction with a heat recovery system and insulation, heat pumps can help save the average homeowner hundreds of pounds a year.

Heat recovery systems can prevent up to 90% of the heat loss a home experiences and redistribute it around the home again. Systems like the Nuaire MVHR at BPC Ventilation can pay for themselves very quickly by reducing a home’s heating bills by significant amounts almost immediately. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery uses a system of ducts throughout the home to regulate the air temperature in the house. This can be a very energy efficient way to heat your home, and the heat recovery system recovers heat from stale air to be used again in fresh air brought into the home.

Systems like this can keep a home heated all day but still use very little energy to operate by keeping heat in your home. These systems are best installed in a home that has been well insulated and draft-proofed. With the right combination of insulation and energy efficient windows, any home can see it’s heating bill reduced by over half while being cosier than ever before.

Windows and Walls – Insulate Your Home and Save Thousands

Having good insulation in your home is essential if you are going to use less energy to heat your home. Having modern, double glazed windows will also greatly reduce your energy bills, as hundreds of pounds worth of heating can be lost through single glazed, wooden framed windows.

Cavity walls need insulating if you are going to reduce your heating bill and your carbon footprint. Thick loft or roof insulation is also a must-have, and now is often made from recycled glass or plastics doubling their green credentials.

Environmental concerns are often at the forefront of people’s minds, but they aren’t aware of all the things that they can do to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part in helping conserve the planet. There is also a lot of money to be saved by generating your own energy or reducing your energy consumption. Hopefully, this quick guide has given you a few ideas that you can use to save money and energy at home.