Flowers are a true gift from nature, they are so beautiful to look at, wonderful to smell and add a touch of luxury to any room.

Flowers bring joy to anyone who sees them, but many people will only have fresh flowers in their house when they receive them as a gift, or when they treat themselves whilst out doing the weekly shop.

Flowers bring great beauty into our homes, but they do more than just adding a pop of colour, below are some of the other benefits we can get from freshly cut flowers.

Flowers Are Good For Your Mental Health

As we all become focused on our own mental health, and our own wellbeing, we have increasingly become aware of how beneficial it is for our serotonin levels – the happy chemical in your brain – to be surrounded by nature.

Sadly, in our busy lives where we may spend most of our week in an office in the middle of a busy, grey, traffic jammed urban jungle, and find it difficult to get our dose of greenery that we need to make us feel less stressed.

Having flowers in the house can bring nature inside. There have been many studies done on the effect of having flowers in the home, and it has been shown that flowers can reduce stress and make you feel happier.

Serotonin is a chemical in our brains that boosts our mood, and when we look at something that makes us smile, in this example flowers, serotonin floods the brain making us feel happier.

Traditionally it is women who are the recipient of bouquets of flowers, but studies have shown that men get just as much joy from them as women do.

Plants Provide Oxygen

Cast your mind back to biology classes at school when we were taught about photosynthesis and trees taking in carbon dioxide and putting oxygen back into the environment.

Well, the same process is followed by plants. They also do the same thing as trees, although on a slightly smaller scale, having plants in any room, particularly a bedroom can increase the air quality and help you focus or rest better.

Some flowers also have a very calming smell, lavender or eucalyptus are well known for their wonderful, calming smell. So putting flowers such as these in a room can help you to de-stress.

Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers, buy your own one, or set up a flower delivery subscription to ensure you have a regular supply. There are companies all over, so just search for someone in your area, such as flower delivery in Toronto, and you will find a reputable company who can deliver to you.

Flowers Can Complement Your Home

Flowers add a touch of luxury to any room. We all know that lovely feeling of going on holiday somewhere and finding a bunch of flowers next to the bed, it just makes you feel so much more at home.

Well, you don’t have to wait until you’re on holiday to have that lovely feeling, have some flowers in your home that complement the room.

Having a large arrangement on the coffee table in your front room, or in the middle of the dining table can really bring a focal point to the room.

Put some of your favourite flowers where you will see them first thing in the morning, such as in the bathroom, or in the room where you will spend most of the day, like a home office, so you can get the full effect of the stress relieving benefits.

Flowers Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Any relationship can be improved by giving flowers, whether that is a romantic relationship, a family relationship or a friend relationship.

Receiving flowers makes the recipient so happy, and therefore the giver will also feel good about themselves.

The gifter will also get extra bonus points is they remember the favourite flowers of the giftee.

Flowers Can Help With Recovery

Several studies have been done on patients in hospital, and whether having flowers in the room helped in any way.

It seems that patients who had flowers in the room on recovery seem to experience less pain, and recover quicker than those without. Blood pressure in these patients is also lowered to a more healthy level.

Also for patients who were in hospital for a long stay, reported feeling significantly happier and less stressed if they had fresh flowers in their room, than those without.

Flowers Increase Your Productivity

If you have flowers in your work space, in particular bright flowers, you will feel more energised and therefore be more productive than in a dull area – so add some flowers to your boring cubicle at work, it will help!

Flowers can also inspire you to get those creative juices flowing, and some scents such as rosemary for example, have been shown to improve memory recall.

As we have already stated, flowers are very good at lowering levels of stress, so having flowers in your work space will make you feel less stressed, more productive and more energised, it’s a win on all levels.

Flowers Smell Amazing

Different flowers have different smells, which cause different reactions.

Roses smells very relaxing, whilst smells from things like eucalyptus or rosemary can energise you.

They will bring a lovely ambience to your home. Of course, you can use reed diffusers, or scented candles to add a welcoming smell, but these always have a slightly synthetic scent, and nothing can beat the natural smell of flowers.

As you can see, there are many reasons for adding flowers to your home . You can buy many flowers in different colours, shapes, smells and sizes depending on what suits you and your home or office space.

Treat yourself to some flowers today, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion, every day should be treated as if it is special – you deserve it.