Are you working around the clock? 

You practically spend ¼ of your lifetime sitting if you log 8+ hours at your computer or in a desk chair every workday.

Computer ergonomics reports advise that prolonged sitting doesn’t stop when you leave your office. You spend just as much time sitting at home surfing on the net or at your children’s ball games. There has been an increasing safety concern for computer ergonomics.

As Peter Novak noted in his article on Leap Homeward, “You need something that will allow you to move comfortably through your workday without giving you upper back neck shoulder pain or muscle low back pain by sitting”.

Simple, the hot and cold gel pack system makes it easy to release the tension you put on your back muscle, your legs and everything in between.

An effective back injury pain treatment is to make it feasible at work or whenever you are sitting. For different body shapes and sizes, it is important for a good ergonomic posture chair to the proper distribution of body weight.

The Cool Mesh Back Chair has lumbar-supporting back, providing optimal postural support for different positions. The best way for office ergonomics that you can do for your body is to stay active even when you are sitting and working.

The Health Costs of Posture Chairs

Fatigue, aching back, stiffness, and strain muscle are some of the problems you’ve experienced for sitting for an extended period. A poor posture on the conventional office chairs forces your legs, back, and torso into a static 90° position.

Poor circulation keeps many of us there at a conventional office for eight or more hours each day. No wonder back pain is one of the leading problems for most Americans now.

It is four months of every year spent sitting in an unnatural, uncomfortable position! Job Stress is the by-product of chronic back pain from workplace injuries.

Most people don’t realize that the basic strategies in stress management are changing the way you sit and the chair you sit.

Now there is the executive office chair with heat massage: Cool Mesh Chair with hot and cold gel pack pain relief therapy from The Gentry Collection.

Allowing your back to relax and your circulation to go while sitting comfortably in an office chair, you need to sit in a height-adjustable office chair that promotes posture support.

Good Chair can provide real health benefits:

  • Taking the stress off from your muscle fatigue low back pain by evenly distributing your body weight vie, patent-pending lumbar lover,
  • Vibration and massage encourage your circulation and oxygen flow. Adding cold therapy technics to curb inflammation and also applying heat to relax and refresh your lumbar area
  • Support your back and spin and allow ventilation through our contour mesh backrest couple with the use of back support cushions in ergonomics chairs

To truly eliminate the muscles of the effect low back pain from your life, you really can’t ask for a better chair than the Cool Mesh executive offie Chair with heat massage.

There is no one chair that suits everybody because people simply have different shapes and sizes. There are a few things that you should look for in an ergonomic chair that is going to ultimately aid in your comfort, and reduce the amount of pain your spine and lower back are in when you have to sit all day long.

Feature to Look For in A Truly Ergonomic Chair

●     Lumbar support – The lumbar region of your back is the lower back area. Your lower back has a natural inward curve to it. Good office chairs will support that curve in the spine.

●     Seat depth – Your lower back and hips have to support the weight of your legs. You don’t want your back to support too much of the weight of your leg. Check if the front of the seat come within 2 to 4 inches of the back of your knee when you sit in the seat.

●     Height of the chair – Most chairs have a pneumatic adjustment on them. Not everyone has the same size legs. Your legs should be able to sit comfortably at a near right or larger angle with your feet flat on the floor.

●     Adjustable armrest – If your arms and shoulders can be relaxed on the armrest, then you are going to prevent strain in your neck and between your shoulder blades. For most people, it relates to how they position their hands on a computer keyboard.

●     Swivel and casters – The casters are optional. It is recommended at least to have a swivel so you can maneuver around your desk with ease. Without a swivel, you may have to strain one way or another to reach things on your desk. This might create some discomfort if you have to do it all day long. Casters will also give you added mobility.

Finding the ergonomic office chair that is right for you might take some experimentation and testing at your local office supply store. It is well worth the efforts.

Any potential for back pain caused by sitting at your desk all day long will be proven to be more costly in both your checkbook and your health.