With volatility in the housing market seemingly at an end, first-time house purchases have once again begun to flourish – with first-time buyers starting on the housing ladder in the greatest numbers since 2002. Moving into your first property is a momentous occasion, whether you’re moving across the country or simply into a new build near you. Being able to put your mark on your own house via decorating is an utter privilege, but can be difficult to embark on if you haven’t decorated before. Here, we’ll look at some simple tips you can use in preparing to decorate, to help you along to your dream home.

Plan – and Budget – Ahead

One of the easiest mistakes to make as a first-time buyer is to undertake renovations with no plan or end-goal in mind. Doing so sets you up for a drawn-out period of constant decoration, and an ever-growing list of expenses as projects balloon. Instead, make sure you’re going into your decoration work with a clear idea of your end-goals in mind. This will enable you to draw up a realistic timeline for completing each room, as well as a budget so you can keep track of your overall spending and bring in your dream décor without a corresponding financial headache.

Re-Use and Recycle

One key way you can bring costs down lies in the furnishing of your home. It can be tempting to go all-in on new furniture sets to define each space, brand-new sofas, tables and shelves can be prohibitively expensive altogether. Browsing second-hand furniture shops and online marketplaces can introduce you to affordable alternatives, giving you the chance to achieve the ideal layout without breaking the bank. For older items of furniture, upcycling can not only refurbish but repurpose, adding a unique edge to living spaces as well as cheap and practical utility.

A Mood for Every Room

If you’re struggling for inspiration on how to go about dressing each room, moodboarding is absolutely for you. Whenever inspiration strikes, whether you see a colour you like or have a thought about fixtures and fittings, make a note. There are numerous sites and apps that enable you to aggregate images and text, so you can create colour swatches, test designs against one another and close in on the perfect scheme for each space.


Lastly, while there are some things that should not be undertaken by anyone other than a licensed professional – such as changes to floor-plans or extensions and conversions – one of the greater joys of moving into your first home is the direct hand you can have in decorating it. Going DIY with your home, from painting and wallpapering yourself to installing your own kitchen units and even flooring, can not only save money but also give you better control over the end results.

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