Landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your pool area. Once you have a fibreglass swimming pool, the next thing is to make it look better. The best and natural way of doing this is by growing plants around the pool. While building your pool, plan the surrounding area in such a way that you can grow plants. You can even keep pots around the pool to make the area look green and allow you to breathe fresh air.

Which plants to grow?

There are certain plants that can be classified as being pool-friendly. These plants can grow well around the pool and enhance the appearance of the pool area. It creates a natural feel. These plants would be exposed to salt and chlorine as well as wind. They should be able to thrive in such an environment. They may get full sun exposure or partial exposure. They should be able to grow in either situation.

Here are some of the plants that meet the above requirements:

  1. Ajuga, swamp daisy, bellflower (peach-leaved), agave, aloe, yucca, and pineapple sage are some of the good options to consider for growing around your pool.
  2. If you are planning to grow shrubs around the pool, then you can consider Mexican mock orange, Mexican orange blossom, Star jasmine, and Siberian Iris as options.
  3. Mondo grass is a good option to consider. It is generally used to line flower beds and it grows well in pots as well as garden beds.
  4. If you have space to grow a tree, consider growing the Frangipani. The roots are non-invasive and so the tree is ideal for growing near a pool. While growing trees, keep them far away from the pool.
  5. A golden cane palm can be grown in pots around your pool. It helps to create a tropical appearance to your pool. Other plants you can consider growing in a pot are Lantana, Salvia, Verbena, Germander, and Tufted Evening primrose.
  6. If you want to grow a hedge, then consider Viburnum suspensum. It even grows pale pink flowers that look good.
  7. If privacy is an issue, then you can grow plants to screen your pool from prying eyes. Olea Europa, Laurus nobilus, and Coastal Banksia are good plants that act as a screen around the pool area.
  8. If you prefer ferns, then you can consider growing staghorn ferns. You can mount them in baskets or attach them to trees. It enhances the appearance of your pool area.
  9. If you are planning a small rock garden around your pool, then consider growing the Echeveria. These plants are attractive and easy to maintain.
  10. Cactus species like Echinocactus and Opuntia are good options. They create a different look to the pool area. But be careful if you have children since they can hurt themselves with the spines. Your visitors would not want to accidentally brush against these plants and hurt themselves. You can plant them at a corner where no one is likely to come into contact with them.
  11. Some other options to consider are Waxflower, Blueberry ash, Native fuchsia, Australe storksbill, Bull banksia, and Holly leaved Grevillea.
  12. If you want large plants that offer protection against the sun, then consider growing bananas. The banana tree not only creates a tropical effect but its huge leaves offer protection from the sun. You must know that bananas require some maintenance effort.
  13. Vines are another good option to grow around the pool. You can grow them on the walls of the house. Jasmine is a good option since it is tolerant to chlorine. The Chilean jasmine and the climbing fig are other good options to consider.

Some useful tips while growing plants near your pool

Now that you know some of the plant species to grow, here are some useful tips. These tips will help you create a plant paradise around your pool that creates the best effect.

  1. Plants to avoid

There are certain plants you should avoid near swimming pools. Bamboo, rubber trees, willows, Ficus, weeping figs, Robinia, and umbrella trees should be strictly avoided. These plants have an invasive root system that spreads wide. They can damage your pool surface. They can even affect the plumbing system. Avoid plants that shed regularly. Also, avoid plants will small leaves as cleaning the leaves can be a tough job. Avoid trees with cones and pines as they can make your pool messy.

  1. Avoid messy plants

You can prefer plants or trees that have large leaves. This makes cleaning up easy. Avoid certain messy plants that create a lot of debris. This would make your cleaning job more difficult. Plants like Jacarandas, Illawarra flame trees, and Silky oaks should be avoided around the pool area. Fruit trees should preferably be avoided as the falling fruits can create a mess making it difficult to clean.

  1. Plant a bit away from the edge

Ensure that there is some space between your plants and the edge of the pool. Ideally, you need to leave a space of 6 to 8 feet. This ensures the debris from the plants does not directly fall into the pool. It also gives you space to move around while cleaning the pool.

  1. Add flowering plants

A few flowering plants can be included to enhance the appearance of your pool area. Look at plants that have showy flowers. Salvia and red fairy duster are good plants to grow around your pool.

  1. Add grass

Ornamental grass around the pool area is another good landscaping idea. Zebra grass is a good option for landscaping around your pool. They are easy to grow and do not require much maintenance. It creates an exotic appearance around your pool and also blends well with other plants that you grow.

Adding greenery to your pool area makes it look better. The tips given in this article can help you decide which plants to grow around your pool area. You can try out these tips and create a green area that improves the appearance of your pool.

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