Once winter has passed and flowers start blooming again, you might want to begin making plans for a tiled path somewhere in your property.

If this is the case, here are the most helpful tips you need to be fully aware of.

  1. The timing is very important.

* Take the weather into consideration: the perfect time to have a new path laid out for you is during the summer, which is a dry and warm season. Warmth allows the adhesive and base to cure quickly.

* Is the new path one part of a major restoration project? If so, it’s best that you avoid laying down the tiles until the rest of the restoration work has been finished, and that all building materials and external scaffolding have been removed. This way, damage to any part of the new pathway can be avoided.

* Will you be going on a holiday? If so, make sure to assign someone to oversee the project in your stead before you leave. That person should be able to understand what exactly needs to be done.

  1. Only hire the services of experts, and make sure to book their services in advance.

The best type of expert to employ for this project is a professional tiler. Aside from making sure the new path looks perfect, an expert tiler also knows the exact number of tiles that must be used for the job, and this allows you to save a lot of money and time. That said, they can be swamped with requests for installation work, so make sure to hire someone way ahead of time.

  1. Consider the overall design of the tiled pathway.

When choosing a design, make sure to choose one that matches the appearance of other parts of your property.

vict2 Helpful Tips When It Comes to the Creation of a Tiled Path in Your Property

Once you have made the choice, you should then acquire the needed materials, especially the tiles.

In most cases, you’ll find that one type of tile is great for one or two types of designs, but there are other more versatile and adaptable tiles that are perfect for at least five designs.

In case your design requires a number of plants, it’s best that you get those which are best suited near bricks and tiles. You should also hire a gardening expert to set them up for you so they will grow properly and so you will be properly informed of the correct way of keeping them in perfect shape.

  1. Invest in superior-quality tiles.

It goes without saying that with high-quality tiles, tiled pathways last longer and repairs will not need to be done that often, so set aside some finances on fully vitrified tiles, or tiles fried at a high temperature so they are more resistant to impact, frost, dirt, and moisture than other tile types.

  1. Look after the tiled path and keeping it in perfect shape.

black Helpful Tips When It Comes to the Creation of a Tiled Path in Your Property

Most high quality tiles are not that difficult to maintain. In fact, you only need to wash the tiled path. Just make sure to use the right tile maintenance cleaner when doing this task, though, or you might damage the tiles.

  1. While not exactly essential, a rainwater harvesting system can be a significant addition.

This can come off as a surprise to some, but with a complete rainwater harvesting system, cleaning the tiled pathway (and, by extension, watering the plants nearby) becomes easier.

For this reason, it’s a great idea to set aside a decent amount of cash for a tank from Rainwatertanks Direct. Another equally good idea is to hire rainwater harvesting experts to set up all parts of the rain collection system so you can truly benefit from each drop that makes its way into the tank.