Save for placing in an oven, there is no other situation or space an LED light cannot be used. Whether you need lighting for home, office, or warehouse. No matter if it is for inside or outside during the summer or winter. LEDs will perform from the outset right until somewhere way down the line when they need to be replaced. Let’s take a look at some instances where these lights would take over the spotlight.


Back in the day, fluorescent had the market cornered when it came to tube lights. In this day and age, however, LED tubes have taken over. One reason is that mercury is just too dangerous an element to risk exposing children to. Not to mention the LED gives a longer, more brilliant light. Hence, the ultra beneficial change to LED.

Many persons would still have, on their ceilings, the fixture to hold the fluorescent tube light. This is not a deterrent whatsoever to replacing this light with an LED as these are compatible with the fixtures and can be used in the switch.

There is no reason to remove this as it is already intimately connected to your main electricity supply and would prove to be an unnecessary hassle to do so. The team from this LED lighting company suggests hiring professional installers that are versed in the ballast bypass process. They will walk you through this process and that of proper tube selection and installation. Mismatching these tubes can lead to early failure of your LED, so pay keen attention.

It will be explained to you that to correctly choose the LED that will fit your fixture, you must know the specifications of your fluorescent tube. Generally, they are made to four and eight-foot lengths. T5, T8, and T12. For the ease of the customer looking to substitute, LED tubes are made to equal specifications. Keep in mind, UL type A LED tubes can utilize the fluorescent ballasts while the UL type B’s cannot.

Less Hassle

Owners or workers of factories, gyms, warehouses, or any building with ceilings that are quite raised and difficult to access would know the struggles of changing those lighting. You do it once and hope to not have to revisit that task for a long time. If you use high-intensity discharge bulbs, you will definitely be up there, on a ladder, precariously, repeatedly changing these bulbs. But if you switch to high bay light fixtures, those maintenance woes are gone.

The typical wattage of an HID is approximately 400. You will see this number drop to under 100 with the switch to LED. Not only will your physical health and safety be accounted for but the economical health of your enterprise will soar.

Safety and Security

It is getting scarier and scarier to venture out at night. Sometimes this is unavoidable. You may have a late class or a gym session that ends after sundown. You may need to make a quick run to the grocery store after hours or prefer taking your daily jogs after work. You would place more confidence in and so frequent more business places and parks that have outdoor lighting you can count on.

Shoebox lights, like many other types of LED lights, boast a high efficiency. Its longevity is tried and true. As a business owner, grow trust and loyalty from your patrons by putting their safety paramount or at least on par with that of your business place. An added benefit is that insects won’t be drawn to these lights. Less annoyance for your customers, less clean-up for you. Double win.

Equally important is the use of wall packs. These are specially designed for parking lots and garages, darkened entrances and walkways, and anywhere else where extra security is needed. As a homeowner, you may sleep better knowing you have this extra level of protection. Never again waste time installing sodium vapor lights as the light emanated comes nowhere near in comparison to LED.

2-3 Here Are Top Solutions For Your Every LED Lighting Needs

Make the move today to change over from fluorescent to an option that is free of mercury. Don’t let yourself be fooled by anyone making this switch more complicated than it truly is. Begin your money-saving journey today and spend a lot less time on the maintenance of light bulbs. No matter which type of LED light you select, you will receive the perks that come with all. Whatever trouble or annoyance you face with other bulbs and tubes can be a thing of the past. Let LED be the solution to your problems, the answer to your prayers, the reason for added comfort, and protection.

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